Call for Participation | Sounding Out: Works in Progress at the Sport/Sound Nexis | Zoom event, Friday April 26, 2024, 1 PM EDT (7 PM CEST)

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This event is a space for sharing works in progress that explore the connections between sports and sound. Participants will share unfinished projects at different stages of development and will have opportunities to engage with audience questions and feedback. The workshop is designed to provide a forum for constructive and supportive discussion of works in progress while also serving as a space to build community and encourage future collaborations among those interested in this topic. All are welcome to join this online event to learn from the participants and/or to provide feedback around works in progress.

Works in Progress Presenters

Dr. Paul O’Connor (Senior Lecturer in Sociology at Exeter University; he/him)
Paul will be presenting on “The Skater’s Ear: A Sensuous Complexity of Skateboarding Sound,” a project that examines how the sonic spectrums of skateboarding produce cultural contradictions and social potentials. Based on interviews with 18 skateboarders, this research further advocates for skateboarding as leisure sport that is both attractive and rewarding to individuals who may be marginalized.

Nicki Duval (multidisciplinary artist; they/them)
Nicki will discussing past and ongoing creative works that combine live performance, sound productions, and visual representations to explore gender and sexuality norms in competitive sports. Nicki’s work in progress is called Death Spiral, a multimedia creative performance about gender/sexuality in figure skating that involves original music, a multi-channel sound installation, video projections, and choreographed/improvised movements.

To register to attend the workshop, CLICK HERE. You will be emailed the Zoom link after you register.

This event is sponsored by the Sport, Sound, and the Digital Working Group who is committed to promoting accessibility in all facets of its activities. All efforts will be made to ensure workshop content is available in multiple formats including the use of real-time closed-captioning and the production of written transcripts to accompany video recordings.

For more information visit the Sound, Sport, and the Digital Website:

Please contact Dr. Mary McDonald ( with any questions.

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