Call for Papers | “When Sports came to Hanover”. History and Reception of a Transfer of Cultures between England and Northern Germany from the 18th to the 20th Centuries

england-vs-germany-in-hanover12th Conference of the Niedersächsisches Institut für Sportgeschichte (Lower Saxony Institute for Sports History) in Hanover (NISH) in cooperation with the Historisches Seminar (History Department) of the Leibnitz University Hanover and the City Archives Hanover

For 123 years, the Electorate of Hanover and the Kingdom of Great Britain were linked by a single monarch. From 1714 to 1837 the Dukedom of Hanover and the Kingdom of Great Britain were ruled in personal union by one King. This tercentenary will be celebrated in Lower Saxony (capital Hanover) in 2014. Prince Charles will be the Patron of the celebrations. This important historical period is the theme of the Lower Saxony State Exhibition 2014: „The Hanoverians on Britain’s Throne 1714-1837“. From 17th May to 5th October 2014 five exhibitions in palaces and museums in Hanover and Celle will be dedicated to the numerous facets and interactions that characterised the personal union. There was a fertile exchange of knowledge and art bsetween London and Hanover. These 123 years of personal union on the thrown resulted in  major social and cultural transfers into northern  Germany which continued to be influential long after the official end of the union. Our Conference will deal with the sports related aspects of this . Although the focus will be on those 123 years, they cannot be understood if one does not look at the times before and after, as physical exercise and sports were but mirror images of the societies. Whether  nobility, citizens or workers, whether university, Clubs or the Military  English (sports) and German (Turnen) concepts of body and physical exercise  were always present. One of the better known examples is English football which was brought to Hanover and Brunswick and made its way from there through Germany: at first a local event which created a transnational cultural event rapidly. Body images and movement cultures, its educational and social designs, its clubs, associations and federations have had a considerable influence on German society. The conference will deal with this form of cultural transfer in a wide sense: From local development of single sports to the changes in society with the help of physical exercise and sports – from Britain to Germany and vice versa. The Conference will take place  September, 27th  and 28th  2014 in the History Department of the Leibnitz University Hannover,  Im Moore 21, 30167 Hannover.

Proposals consisting of an explanatory abstract (max.  600 words) and a short vita should be sent electronically to until 15 June 2014. Abstracts and papers may be in English or German. In charge of the organizations is:

Niedersächsisches Institut für Sportgeschichte e.V. (NISH)
Ferdinand-Wilhelm-Fricke-Weg 10
30169 Hannover
Tel.: (+49)511-1268-5060

Authors will be informed within two weeks about the acceptance of their abstract. Authors of accepted abstracts do not have to pay a participation fee. There are direct (cheap) flights from many British cities to Hanover. On application the organizer will assist with local transport and accommodation.

Selected papers will be published in a (peer reviewed) edited book.

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