Call for Papers | “Sports and the Environment – Policies, Values and Sustainability”. 2019 EASS Conference | University of South-Eastern Norway, Bø, June 3–6, 2019. Call ends February 15, 2019

The theme for the EASS2019 conference is Sports and the Environment – Policies, Values and Sustainability. The EASS2019 conference welcomes abstracts concerned with the main theme, but also encourages contributions from a wide range of topics within the sociology of sports.

Sports and physical activities are part of our surroundings. Sport produces and creates, and is also being produced and created by, the ecological, economic, social and cultural environment. The point of departure of the conference is to reflect on how sport leaves footprints and how those footprints affect us.

The world is in state of rapid transformation. Sports are not excluded from these accelerated political, structural and cultural changes. Rather, sports play a part in these rapid transformations. This conference aims to bring forward perspectives that could enlighten our understanding of sports and the environment through a broad spectrum of social scientific enquiries.

Beyond the main theme, the 16th European Association for the Sociology of Sport Conference, will feature a wide range of sessions with the opportunity to share and discuss research concerned with sport and society within classical domains and newly emerging fields, including (but not limited to):

    • Sport and Social Theory
    • Sport and Sustainability
    • Sport and the Environment
    • Outdoor Sports
    • Sport, Tourism and the Environment (In cooperation with the Sustainable Tourism Research Group at USN)
    • Sport, Policy and Governance
    • Major Sports Events and the Environment – How can sport events be sustainable? (In cooperation with the SES network)
    • Sport, Power and Social Difference
    • School Sport and Physical Education
    • Sport and Gender
    • Sport and Media
    • Sport and Ethnicity
    • Sport and Ethics
    • Sport and Health
    • Sport and Volunteering
    • Sport and Doping
    • Sport and Technologies
    • Sport and Disability
    • Sport and Sociological Methodology
    • Youth Sport
    • E-Sport
    • Open theme

The Conference will also feature these special sessions:

    • Mega, major and minor sport events: trends, issues and challenges (Special Session: SES). The Sport Events Studies (SES) network aims at bringing together scholars who are interested in the sociological, organisational, cultural and political aspects of sport events, thus becoming a platform for collaborative and comparative research projects. This special session invites abstracts on different types of sport events, from traditional to innovative/alternative, from mega-events to community festivals. Any aspects can be covered, from the changing organisational forms of sport events to their media representations, from event volunteering to the politics of events hosting/bidding, from conflict/exclusion to cohesion/inclusion, from environmental impacts of sport events to sport event tourism, and so on.
    • SORN Network special session (Special Session: SORN)
    • Sport and (local) policy (Special Session: POLIS)
    • Differences in sport participation: explanatory models, target groups and barriers. MEASURE network (Special Session: MEASURE)

Abstract submission.

Key dates

    • November 30th, 2018: Call for abstracts opens
    • December, Online registration for conference participation opens
    • February 15th , 2019: Deadline for submission of paper for Young Researcher Award
    • February 15th , 2019: Abstract submission deadline
    • March 15th, 2019: Abstract notification
    • April 12th , 2019: Deadline for early bird registration
    • May 3rd, 2019: Deadline for payment to be publicized in Book of Abstracts
    • May 30th, 2019: Online registration closes
    • June 3rd, 2019: Opening of conference

For furter and updated info, visit the conference website.

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