Call for Papers | Special issue of IJHS
Sport, Women, and Society:
International Perspectives

CfP, the Second Biennial Edition of The International Journal of the History of Sport – Sport, Women, and Society: International Perspectives

ijhs-dsSince the 1970s, increasing national, regional, and international interest in the topic of women and sport has resulted in conferences, seminars, and workshops devoted to the topic as well as the formation of national, regional, and international organizations that have given political and cultural voice to women and sport. In addition to these institutional efforts to promote the participation and interest in women and sport, there has been a contemporaneous increase in research and scholarship devoted to the topic.

This interest has given rise to countless numbers of articles, monographs, and books in a wide range of sub-disciplines in sports studies including exercise physiology, history of sport, philosophy of sport, sport literature, sport psychology, and sport sociology. As a response to this global and academic interest in women and sport, the editors of The International Journal of the History of Sport (IJHS), which is published by Routledge, created a biennial edition of the journal devoted to Sport, Women, and Society: International Perspectives, which was first published in April of 2012.  In 2014, the second biennial issue will be published.

This publication provides unique global and interdisciplinary perspectives of women’s involvement in sport and physical culture.  The essays included in these editions examine the historical intersections of women’s engagement in modern sport with societal views of women as well as the cultural and globalizing forces of politics, economics, and the media that have significantly influenced the development of women’s sporting culture.

Scholars and researchers are encouraged to submit papers by January 15, 2014 for the publication of the second issue. Papers should not exceed 10,000 words inclusive of notes. Click here for general information concerning the submission of papers and instructions for authors. Authors should submit papers to ScholarOne Manuscripts.

Questions concerning these issues may be sent to one of the following guest editors:

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