Call for Papers | “Right Coach, Right Coach Development” | 2018 North American Coach Development Summit, June 18–20, Orlando FL. Call ends November 10, 2017

The United States Center for Coaching Excellence (USCCE) is pleased to announce the call for programs for the 2018 North American Coach Development Summit (formerly the National Coaching Conference) to be held in Orlando, Florida June 18-20, 2018.

The North American Coach Development Summit brings together coaches, coach educators/developers and sport science researchers for the enrichment of coaching and sport.

This year’s theme is Right Coach, Right Coach Development. The program will feature practical application of research-based coaching information and best practice models that examine age appropriate coaching, coaching education content and coach development within the context of long term athletic development frameworks to support athlete well-being, development and performance at all levels of sport from participation through peak performance.

The goal of the North American Coach Development Summit is to highlight PRACTICAL information that coaches and coach educators and, in both the private and academic sectors, can use in practice immediately and to provide an opportunity for coach educators and coach developers to network with their professional peers for program growth, sharing and the improvement of the sport experience across categories and programs.

We look forward to receiving a wide variety of program submissions that draw on evidence based practice, both academic AND non-academic, for the North American Coach Development Summit.

Before submitting, please review the program submission guidelines below.   The guidelines will provide tips on how to craft a program submission that aligns with the Summit goals. Please note that sales programs will not be accepted.  Individuals or companies interested in reaching our target audience are encouraged to check out the Summit marketing and sponsorship materials.
All submissions must be complete within the submission system before 11:59pm ET on Friday November 10, 2017.

Please Note: Lead authors of accepted abstracts will be notified no later than December 22, 2017.  Authors will be asked to respond to the acceptance email within two weeks of receiveing their acceptance to notify the USCCE of their intent to present.

Program Submission Guidelines

If you have any questions or concerns with the submission guidelines or the submission process, please contact us at

The call for programs is intended for original research, collaborative work and educational purpose presentations.  The USCCE welcomes and enourages submissions from applied practioners,  academics, and students in coaching, coach education and coach development from North America and around the world.

Program submissions will be accepted between October 1 through 11:59pm ET November 10, 2017.

In an effort to keep the program fresh and innovative, authors are asked to submit no more than one abstract as a lead author.

Submissions should be for original work, not presented elsewhere.

Presenting authors of accepted abstracts are required to register for the conference and are responsible for their own travel, lodging, and other conference related expenses.  Accepted authors will be notified by mid-December 2017.

Sales programs, service-related programs or similar type programming should not submit through this format and will not be accepted as abstracts.  Individuals and organizations interested in presenting for-sale products and services related to the conference audience are invited to inquire about sponsorship and presentation opportunities at the conference by sending an email to

Submission Categories

Great Program Practices Presentation submissions should be designed to share ideas, challenges, and solution strategies for educating coaches, providing coaching education and enhancing coach development with peer organizations (education based, not-for-profit and for-profit).  Program submissions in this category should be designed to share and explore great practices from the program perspective.  Organizations and programs are encouraged to share their current models of practice for coaching education or coach development.

Interactive Poster submissions should present research findings, applied materials, techniques and/or proposed conceptual frameworks in the areas of coaching education and coach development.  Accepted posters will be presented in a traditional conference poster session during a dedicated time designed to spark discussion and support networking.  Poster authors will prepare hanging posters and will be expected to present their work during a dedicated poster session. Student are encouraged to submit projects, thesis or dissertations that are in the conceptual phase, in progress or that have been completed. Student work submissions must include the collaborating academic advisor(s).

Master Class is a 1½ to 2 hour long in depth exploration of an applied or research based topic in coaching, coach education and/or coach development.  Master classes should have a clear target audience (e.g. academic coach educators, non-profit sport organization leaders) and clear objectives (e.g., developing coaching minor coursework, retention of volunteer female coaches).  Master classes are not lecture based and should be designed to stimulate discussion among a group of peers to explore shared challenges, develop research needs, discuss new concepts, etc.  Master class participation will be by pre-registration only and class sizes will be capped at a maximum of 20 participants to allow for quality interaction.

Panels provide opportunities for attendees to hear experts knowledgeable about a specific issue or topic present information and discuss views in a semi-structured format that allows for audience interaction. Panels should consist of 3 to 5 individuals and should also designate a member moderator who will be responsible for leading the session.

Research to Practice Presentation submissions bring together cutting edge research and real world application.  Program submissions in this category should be based on original applied research or research based reviews of great practices and should focus on providing concrete, real world take home applications.  In the submission process, authors will be asked to specify sport context and whether the focus is on the ‘what to’ or ‘how to’ coach.

Workshop submissions should present an in-depth exploration of a theme and should provide opportunities to share professional practice strategies through demonstrations and hands-on experiences for participants. Workshop abstracts must include: a statement of the specific learning objectives, teaching methods, specific techniques, and a description of materials that will be shared with workshop participants. Programs can be research or application based.

For more information, visit the Summit homepage.

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