Call for Papers | “(Re)claiming Leisure: Rights, Responsibilities, and Resistance” | Leisure Studies Association Conference 2024, University of the West of Scotland, July 10–12, 2024. Call ends March 1, 2024

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The LSA 2024 Conference seeks to bring together inter and multidisciplinary perspectives on leisure, events, tourism and sport and, to explore their relationship to global challenges. Specifically, it aims to initiate discussion on the importance of Rights, Responsibilities, and Resistance as they play out in the transformation of society. The Scientific Committee now invites researchers, educators and practitioners, amongst others, to submit abstracts for papers, posters, workshops, panels and productions such as performances, short-films, and other artistic expressions inspired by (but not exclusive to) the following sub-themes:

      • Sub-Theme 1 – Leisure and (Human) Rights
        To feature contributions that focus on the advancement and /or suppression of human/animal rights within leisure, events, tourism and sport and consider whose rights are realised, whose are not, and what needs to be done to ensure leisure is a rights-enhancing environment.
      • Sub-Theme 2 – Leisure and Resistance
        To feature contributions that analyse how resistance impacts upon leisure, events, tourism and sport, the different forms of resistance that emerge within these contexts and how these are navigated by leisure actors.
      • Sub-Theme 3 – Responsible Leisure
        To feature contributions that explore the (contested) ethical and moral duties of leisure, events, tourism and sport to maintain the wellbeing of participants, communities, workers and the environment.
      • Sub-Theme 4 – Reimagining Leisure
        To feature contributions that consider how leisure, events, tourism and sport can be re-imagined or transformed in consideration of contemporary socio-economic and political challenges. This sub-theme can feature contributions that explore future challenges, concerns and opportunities in leisure, events, tourism and sport.
      • Sub-Theme 5 – Inclusive Leisure
        To feature contributions that explore how inclusive practice is defined and delivered and, challenge current assumptions of what it means to be inclusive in leisure, events, tourism and sport.
      • Sub-Theme 6 – Responsive Leisure
        To feature contributions that highlight how leisure, events, tourism and sport are responding to Global Challenges. For example, how sport is addressing health inequalities; how tourism is evolving to become a more sustainable and resilient industry and, how event-based development is addressing current problems such as the cost-of-living crisis.
      • Sub-Theme 7 – Open
        In addition to the six sub-themes, we also invite contributions in any other area of leisure research, teaching and practice.

In addressing the theme and sub-themes the University of the West of Scotland and the Leisure Studies Association welcome cross, multi, inter and transdisciplinary contributions from researchers and practitioners from a variety of disciplinary and cultural backgrounds and locations.

LSA2024 welcomes the following types of presentations:

      • 15min Oral Presentation
      • Poster
      • Documentary
      • 45min Workshops
      • Artistic Expressions (such as: music, dance, poetry, and visual arts)

Abstracts of 300 words maximum will be considered in the following Languages: English, Italian, Portuguese, Farsi, Nepali, Hindi (These are the languages spoken by the Organising Committee. Whilst English is the official language of the conference, we can support presenters who submit abstracts in the other languages above at the conference if needed. Authors who would like language support in their presentation, please contact the LSA2024 Co-Chairs).

Deadline for abstracts/panel proposal: Monday 15th January 2024 17.00 GMT. Email to: Notification of outcome: Monday 12th February 2024 17.00GMT

Chloe MacLean,
Sandro Carnicelli.
University of the West of Scotland LSA 2024 Conference Co- Chairs

For more information, please visit our website LSA2024.

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