Call for Papers | Impact Evaluation of Community Sport Programmes and “Sport Social Work Practices”, Special Issue of Social Inclusion. Call ends April 15, 2024

Academic Editors:
    • Kirsten Verkooijen (Wageningen University & Research)
    • Pascal Delheye (Ghent University)
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Social Inclusion, peer-reviewed journal indexed in the Social Sciences Citation Index (Web of Science; Impact Factor: 1.5) and Scopus (CiteScore: 3.0), welcomes new and exciting research papers for its upcoming issue “Impact Evaluation of Community Sport Programmes and Sport Social Work Practices,” edited by Kirsten Verkooijen and Pascal Delheye.

Sport participation has been associated with positive outcomes beyond physical health, such as increased social capital and mental wellbeing. Unfortunately, groups at risk of exclusion from society are typically also excluded from sports participation and hence are unlikely to benefit from these positive outcomes. Community sport programmes and “sport social work practices” aim to combat social exclusion by offering activities tailored to the needs and wishes of people in socially disadvantaged positions. However, the body of knowledge on the impact evaluation of these programmes and practices is not very extensive.

Better knowledge of the impact of community sport programs and sport social work practices would not only benefit the design of these programs and practices but also render long-term funding legitimate as policymakers and other investors prefer to invest in programs and practices that have been proven effective. Yet, conducting an impact evaluation is challenging. A randomised controlled trial, the golden standard in evidence-based medicine, does not suit the real-life context of what can be considered a “complex social intervention.” So what then is the best research design to use? Furthermore, given the wide range of possible outcomes at the individual as well as community level, what outcome indicator(s) should we choose? Finally, considering capacity constraints in community work, there is a need for pragmatic approaches in evaluating impact.

For this thematic issue, we invite scholars and sport/social workers around the world to submit papers that increase our insight into the impact of community sport programs and sport social work practices as well as research papers that contribute to the practice of conducting an impact evaluation within this context.

Instructions for Authors

Authors interested in submitting a paper for this issue are asked to consult the journal’s instructions for authors and submit their abstracts (maximum of 250 words, with a tentative title) through the abstracts system (here). When submitting their abstracts, authors are also asked to confirm that they are aware that Social Inclusion is an open access journal with a publishing fee if the article is accepted for publication after peer-review (corresponding authors affiliated with our institutional members do not incur this fee).

Open Access

The journal has an article publication fee to cover its costs and guarantee that the article can be accessed free of charge by any reader, anywhere in the world, regardless of affiliation. We defend that authors should not have to personally pay this fee and advise them to check with their institutions if funds are available to cover open access publication fees. Institutions can also join our Membership Program at a very affordable rate and enable all affiliated authors to publish without incurring any fees. Further information about the journal’s open access charges can be found here.

Abstracts welcome by 15 April 2024.
Deadline for Articles: 15 September 2024
Publication of the Issue: March/June 2025

Submit Abstract here

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Social Inclusion
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