Call for Papers | Crisis Management in Sport, new title in the WASM Book Series. Call ends November 15, 2021

Crisis management is the identification of and effective response to threats in order to mitigate any adverse impacts on an organization and its stakeholders. Individuals, organizations, stakeholders and industries can all be affected by crises. As the global COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect society, the need of sport organizations to react to, adapt to, and address a multitude of existing crises becomes increasingly imperative. In essence, COVID-19 in itself was a crisis that the entire global sport industry had to address. It proves to be prudent to explore different approaches to crisis management in sports, especially because various topic areas of crisis management in sports remains under-researched. This book provides an opportunity to add to the theoretical and practical understanding of crises in sport organizations through conceptualizing the topics, challenges, issues, and best practices, comprehensive reviews of literature, empirical studies of managing crises, commentary on sport-related crises, and other scholarly inquiries. As a part of the WASM book series of research papers that are published by the Routledge (i.e., Taylor & Francis Inc.’s book division), this book provides an opportunity for analyses in content areas related to crisis management in sports (e.g., crisis planning, crisis communication, event security, reputation management, sport governance crises). Differing perspectives on the varying scopes, approaches, and responses to crisis management in sports will help demonstrate the complexity of the global sport industry, challenges faced by sport managers, and key skills and competencies needed in this critical component of sport management.

Book Structure

      • There are 15 chapters in the book by following the APA (7th edition) format, with word limit of 6,000 to 10,000 words in each chapter. Tables, figures, and a list of references are a part of the total word count.
      • The content of an article may take on one of the following formats:
          • Conceptual paper
          • Systematic review of literature
          • Empirical investigation of any methodology
          • Reasoning and documentation of best practices
          • Historical analysis
          • Case analysis
          • Trend and forecasting analyses
          • Other original, creative, or innovative idea and approach not covered above
      • List of references following the APA (7th edition) format.

Call for Submissions

      • The co-editors are seeking for contributions. Interested scholars are encouraged to first contact the lead editor (i.e., Dr. Brian Menaker) so as to avoid content redundancy.
      • Deadline of submission: November 15, 2021
      • Submissions should be made to Dr. Brian E. Menaker via email (
      • For questions about this book, please feel free to contact any of the co-editors.


Dr. Brian E. Menaker Texas A&M University – Kingsville, Kingsville, TX, USA
Dr. R. Dale Sheptak, Jr. Baldwin Wallace University, Berea, OH, USA
Dr. James J. Zhang University of Georgia, Athens, GA, USA

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