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Although qualitative research methods have been adopted in sport management, many researchers rely on a formulaic approach, which includes case studies, interviews, and content analysis. These approaches have strengths but our field is missing out on opportunities to challenge existing ideas or provide new insight through the use of unconventional, underutilized sources of qualitative data, qualitative designs, methods, and analytical approaches. Related areas, such as management, organizational studies, education, sociology of sport and leisure studies, have benefited from the adoption of contemporary qualitative research methods. The focus of the special issue is twofold:

  1. empirical work in sport management using contemporary qualitative research approaches; or,
  2. methodological papers that discuss the potential of these approaches for sport management research.

Authors should emphasize aspects such as the benefits to the sport management field, ethical issues, and challenges, opportunities, and risks in using contemporary qualitative research approaches.

Possible topics include (but are not limited to) the following contemporary qualitative research approaches to the study of sport management topics, issues, and phenomena.

  • Narrative inquiry
  • Indigenous research methods
  • Photo-voice / photo elicitation
  • Participatory action research / feminist participatory action research
  • Self-studies (auto-ethnography, self-ethnography)
  • Variations of ethnography (critical ethnography, netnography, organizational ethnography, collaborative ethnography)
  • Retrospective approaches
  • Visual methods
  • Deconstruction
  • Critical management studies
  • Qualitative analysis of artifacts
  • Qualitative analysis of videos and/or photographs
  • Community-based research
  • Art-based research (poetry, theatre)
  • Qualitative research of big data
  • Researcher reflexivity / positionality
  • Post-colonial approaches
  • Critical race approaches
  • Discourse analysis
  • Archival research

The list is indicative and the editors welcome approaches from authors who would like to discuss ideas for papers. Case studies and review papers are welcomed, as per the Sport Management Review (SMR) guidelines.

Deadline for submissions

Submissions are due on or before 1 February, 2016 via the SMR online submission system at To ensure that all manuscripts are correctly identified for review in relation to the special issue it is important the authors select ‘Contemporary Qualitative Research’ when they reach the ‘Article Type’ step in the submission process.

All manuscript submissions must adhere to the SMR ‘Guide for Authors’ available at

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