Call for Papers | “Arts and Sport Intersections” | Special issue of Sport in Society | Ends 2017-08-31


We are calling for contributions to a special issue of the journal dedicated to the work of our research network on the relationship between sport and the arts. We are particularly interested in papers addressing one of the following themes or examining related policy issues:

    • Participation and audiences
    • Aesthetics and representation
    • Wellbeing, social capital and cultural citizenship

Papers might usefully examine:

  1. how links between the arts and sport can increase participation in each and promote cultural citizenship whether by changing perspectives on the arts or changing the sporting experience;
  2. if collaborations between sport and the arts can stimulate cultural experimentation, and be aesthetically innovative;
  3. whether arts-sports projects can offer opportunities to overcome the mind-body duality, and can produce physical and mental health and well-being benefits.

We are looking for papers of 5-7000 words, though the journal will accept up to 8000 words.  These should be submitted direct to the editor, Jonathan Long (

The Taylor and Francis guidelines for authors can be found here. To meet our deadline we would need to receive submissions by the end of August 2017.

For further information, please contact the editor, Jonathan Long (

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