Call for Papers | 2018 Sporting Heritage Conference | The Merseyside Maritime Museum, Liverpool, November 14–15 2018. Call ends May 31, 2018

After the success of our 2017 conference in Bradford,  this year’s event takes place at the Merseyside Maritime Museum in Liverpool on the 14th and 15th November 2018. Aiming to better share and understand the role and value of sporting heritage, the conference theme is a celebration and sharing of the impact of sporting heritage across a wide range of agendas.

We’re looking for contributions to the conference which echo this theme and help to generate a wide understanding of the role and value of sporting heritage – this could be in the form of case studies, policy contexts, or discussion papers.

This call for contributions is open to a range of different organisations and individuals including but not limited to:

    • Heritage and culture professionals
    • Sports clubs and governing body representatives
    • Academics
    • Private collectors
    • Health sector professionals
    • Educationalists
    • Arts sector professionals

This call for papers is an inclusive call looking for interesting submissions which demonstrate the impact of sporting heritage, the stories it tells, and how we can raise greater awareness across a range of agendas in the power of these collections. The key elements of all successful contributions will include:

    • A clear outline of the heritage involved (including but not limited to objects and ephemera, archives (eg. record books, scrapbooks) photographs, film, oral history, songs, and folklore
    • A clear outline of the stories the heritage tells
    • A clear outline of why this is heritage is important / of value / has impact and to which agendas for example sports participation, heritage participation, education, health and well-being, tourism.

We’d love to see a range of representatives again at the conference from the fields of education, heritage, culture, art, sport, health and wellbeing, and academia, to name but a few! If you’d like to book a place, you, can do so by visiting our website:

We also have a range of sponsorship opportunities available, for more information visit

For more information please visit:

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