Call for Consultancy | Strategic Planning for The National Organisation for Women in Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation (NOWSPAR), Zambia. Call closes January 21, 2021

Opportunity closing date:  29th January 2021
Opportunity type: Short Term Consultancy
Duration: 15- 21 days in period February – March 2021
Location: Lusaka / Virtual

The National Organisation for Women in Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation (NOWSPAR) is a Zambian NGO that advances the rights of women to and through sport. Established in 2006, NOWSPAR’s work includes advocacy, education, and capacity development of the sports sector to facilitate increased engagement of women and girls at all levels of sport.
NOWSPAR seeks to appoint a consultant to provide technical and advisory services towards the development of NOWSPAR’s Strategy for the period 2021–2024. The consultant will develop a clear strategy that defines the focus and direction of NOWSPAR in order for the organisation to effectively and efficiently achieve the desired impact.  Specifically, the consultant will assess our current position in the sector, develop a strategy to reposition our organisation, and develop appropriate means to measure progress achieved.


The consultant will use appropriate methods and tools to consultatively, effectively and creatively generate the relevant outputs. Processes will include but not be limited to:

      • Analysis of internal and external organisation context
      • Review of organization’s current strategies and objectives
      • Consultation with organisation staff, participants, leaders, and partners
      • Other methods as necessary and appropriate proposed by the consultant


The consultant will produce a draft document that presents:

      • a SWOT analysis and a stakeholder mapping and analysis
      • key issues, strengths and concerns within the organisation as well as its environment
      • a review of NOWSPAR’s current vision, mission and objectives in context of current state of the sport for development and women’s rights space
      • strategic objectives, key results and measurements of the key results


The consultant must demonstrate the following:

      • Experience in consultancy work of similar nature in a global south context
      • Experience and track record in facilitating strategy development processes
      • Knowledge of national and international frameworks and CSO landscape
      • Proven experience of work within NGO sector, women’s rights, development and policy
      • Command of both spoken and written English
      • Attention to detail, excellence in writing and process facilitation
      • Creativity and flexibility to engage with a broad range of people from diverse cultures


Application closes on 29th January 2021.

To apply, submit a letter of intent introducing the consultant and how the skills and competences are met with examples where appropriate and brief indication of implementation approaches.

Please provide a CV of the lead consultant/ organisation detailing relevant skills and experience with two (2) references and two samples of similar work led by the consultant.

In your application prepare and submit a proposal including your proposed methodology, an estimation of the number of days, budget and timeline for completing the work.

Submit the application through email indicating ‘Strategic Planning Consultancy’ in the subject line to:

For more about the National Organisation for Women in Sport Physical Activity and Recreation (NOWSPAR), refer to: and

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