ISSN 1652–7224  :: Published 12 November 2008
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The media representation of
Annika Sörenstam

Jonas Lindkvist
Centre for Gender Studies, Lund University

Fairway is an article that tries to give a truer picture of the representation of Annika Sörenstam in Swedish media. With an intersectional representation analysis, I want to see how sex, sexuality, class, ethnicity and national identity combine to create the image of Sörenstam. Sports is conditioned and coded as male, heterosexual and white with strong connotations of class and national identity. With my research I show how these categories combine to create the representation of Annika Sörenstam and limit her movement in the social room. As a receiver of media’s message, people are overwhelmed by images and representations based on stereotypical presuppositions. By making constructions visible it is my ambition to bridge them. I also show how Sörenstam is defined as both privileged and discriminated against, and that her possibilities for development are in both cases limited.

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