The Sport Psychologist Volume 30, Issue 1, 2016

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tsp-dsApplied Research

Needs and Strengths of Australian Para-Athletes: Identifying Their Subjective Psychological,Social, and Physical Health and Well-Being
Hannah Macdougall, Paul D. O’Halloran, Emma Sherry, Nora Shields

“Older and Faster”: Exploring Elite Masters Cyclists’ Involvement in Competitive Sport
Karen M. Appleby, Kristen D. Dieffenbach

Introducing Sport Psychology Interventions: Self-Control Implications
Tracey J. Devonport, Andrew Lane, Christopher L. Fullerton

Perceived Teammate Acceptance and Sport Commitment in Adolescent Female Volleyball Players
Alex Garn

U.S. NCAA Division I Female Student-Athletes’ Perceptions of an Empowerment and Social Responsibility Program
Alicia Hatcher Malnati, Leslee A. Fisher, Rebecca A. Zakrajsek, Leslie K. Larsen, Matthew P. Bejar, Johannes J. Raabe, Jamie M. Fynes

As Iron Sharpens Iron? Athletes’ Perspectives of Positional Competition
Sebastian Harenberg, Harold A. Riemer, Erwin Karreman, Kim Dorsch

Relationship Between Self-Reported Doping Behavior and Psychosocial Factors in Adult Amateur Cyclists
Mikel Zabala, Jaime Morente-Sánchez, Manuel Mateo-March, Daniel Sanabria

The Experience of Competition Stress and Emotions in Cricket
Rich Neil, Harry C.R. Bowles, Scott Fleming, Sheldon Hanton

Professional Practice

Applied Sport Psychology: A Profession?
Stacy Winter, David J. Collins


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