The Sport Psychologist Volume 26, Issue 3, September 2012

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Två av forumets forskare medverkar i detta nummer av The Sport Psychologist, Karin Moesch och Erwin Apitzsch.

Applied Research

Understanding the Yips in Golf: Thoughts, Feelings, and Focus of Attention in Yips-Affected Golfers

Philipp Bennet Philippen, Babett H. Lobinger

Moral Atmosphere and Masculine Norms in American College Football
Jesse Steinfeldt, Leslie A. Rutkowski, Thomas J. Orr, Matthew C. Steinfeldt

Relationships Between Psychological Factors, RPE and Time Limit Estimated by Teleoanticipation
Jeremy B.J. Coquart, Yancy Dufour, Alain Groslambert, Regis Matran, Murielle Garcin

Psychological Preparation of Goalkeepers for the 11-m Penalty Kick in Soccer–A Review
Ronnie Lidor, Gal Ziv, Tamar Gershon

Improving the Performance Environment of a Soccer Team During a Competitive Season: An Exploratory Action Research Study
Matthew A. Pain, Chris Harwood, Richard Mullen

Group Dynamics in Sports: An Overview and Recommendations on Diagnostic and Intervention
Jens Kleinert, Jeannine Ohlert, Bert Carron, Mark Eys, Deborah Feltz, Chris Harwood, Lother Linz, Roland Seiler, Marion Sulprizio

How Do Coaches Experience Psychological Momentum? A Qualitative Study of Female Elite Handball Teams
Karin Moesch, Erwin Apitzsch

Professional Practice

Reflective Practice Within Elite Consultancy: Diary Extracts and Further Discussion on a Personal and Elusive Process
Zoe Knowles, Jonathan Katz, David Gilbourne

Book and Resource Reviews

The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business (book review)
Tanya Prewitt

Bulletin Board

Bulletin Board September 2012
Stephen Mellalieu

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