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Sport and economy are connected! And here’s how it works.

It is not an everyday occasion that the historical development of sport is considered by economic historians. But a new anthology, Sports Through the Lens of Economic History by Richard Pomfret & John K. Wilson (Edward Elgar) aims at filling that gap. Not bad, concedes our reviewer Susanna Hedenborg; still, a wider geographical scope would have increased the efficacy of the this rather slim volume.

“The quest for interdisciplinarity will have to wait for another day”

The pursuit of interdisciplinarity in sport studies in the hope of breaking the natural and biosciences hegemony in the field is the objective of editor Joseph Maguire’s collected volume Social Sciences in Sport. Alan Bairner reviews the effort and finds much to appreciate, but apparently, this is not the holy grail that the social sciences of sport urgently need.

Idrott och alkohol

Torbjörn Andersson Idrottsvetenskap, Lärarutbildningen, Malmö högskola   Om det finns en fråga där svensk idrott länge skilt ut sig från många andra länders sport, så är det i avståndstagandet till alkoholen. Om man…