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European Sport Management Quarterly, Volume 17, 2017, Issue 5

The European Sport Management Quarterly (ESMQ) publishes articles that contribute to our understanding of how sport organizations are structured, managed and operated. The Journal sets out to enhance our understanding of the role of sport management and sport bodies in social life and the way social, political and economic forces and practices affect these organizations.s

The Sum Less Than the Parts

The title of the anthology The Ethics of Sport: Essential Readings, edited by Arthur L. Caplan & Brendan Parent (Oxford University Press), is essentially a misnomer, according to our reviewer, Shawn Klein. The collected journal articles deal only occasionally with ethics, and the book’s purpose and audience is basically unclear. Some contributions, though, are worthy of the title.

Rik och lärorik bok i ett viktigt och komplext ämne

Idrott är ett självändamål, men också mer än så; nyttiggörande av idrott bortom sporten självt är på många håll en explicit förväntan. Sådana aspekter av idrott behandlas i antologin Managing Sport Development: An international approach av Emma Sherry, Nico Schulenkorf och Pamm Phillips (Routledge). Anders Östnäs recenserar förtjänstfullt.

Following the principle of fit?

The Routledge Handbook of Sport Management, edited by Leigh Robinson, Packianathan Chelladurai, Guillaume Bodet & Paul Downward, gets a constructively critical, thoroughly readable, and vastly instructive review by Cecilia Stenling.

Important milestone in the development of sport business research

In his knowledgeable review of Handbook of Research on Sport and Business, an anthology from Edward Elgar edited by Sten Söderman and Harald Dolles, Hans Lundberg cleverly uncovers and balances its weak points as well as its strengths.