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Much needed and well-developed book on business and management approaches to innovation in sport

Sports innovation is an emerging field of research within sports, as part of sports entrepreneurship studies, and not surprisingly Vanessa Ratten is on top of it. Her new book Sports Innovation Management (Routledge) is reviewed by Anne Tjønndal, whose PhD project has a similar focus. She finds the book helpful, especially the business and management approach.

International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics, Volume 9, 2017, Issue 4

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An interesting and much-needed book that could have done better

Innovation and entrepreneurship, social or not, in a sports setting is a new field within sport studies. Vanessa Ratten & João J. Ferreira’s edited volume Sport Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Routledge 2017) can possibly claim the spot of key text in this unplowed field, but according to our reviewer, Daniel Bjärsholm, its shortcomings may well prevent that.