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Sport in History, Volume 37, 2017, Issue 4

Sport in History is a history journal that publishes original, archivally-based research on the history of sport, leisure and recreation. The journal encourages the study of sport to illuminate broader historical issues and debates. Includes an extensive reviews section.

Stimulating exploration of the complexities of sex-integrated sport

To promote gender equality in sport, is sex integrated sports the way to go? Food for thoughts on this topic is provided in Sex Integration in Sport and Physical Culture: Promises and Pitfalls, edited by Channon, Dashper, Fletcher & Lake (Routledge). Our reviewer is Mark Brooke, whose thinking on the matter was greatly stimulated by the various contributions in this volume.

The International Journal of the History of Sport, Volume 33, 2016, Issue 16

The International Journal of the History of Sport is the world’s leading sport history academic periodical with fully-refereed global coverage of the subject. As well as regular issues, the IJHS also offers regionally-focused issues on the Americas, Africa, Asia, Australasia and the Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East, and special issues each year on significant topics and themes.

Sport in Society, Volume 20, 2017, Issue 11

The considerable growth of interest in commerce, media and politics and their relationship to sport in international academia has resulted in academics in various disciplines writing about sport. Sport in Society is a multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary forum for academics to discuss the growing relationship of sport to significant areas of modern life.

Socialhistorik över brittisk tennis vann Lord Aberdare-priset 2015

Den engelska tennishistorien gav upphov till två böcker som utkom under 2014. Hans Bolling recenserade Elizabeth Wilsons Love Game i januari i år, och nu publicerar vi hans recension av prisbelönta A Social History of Tennis in Britain av Robert J. Lake. Vilken som var bäst? Läs och se!