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At the intersection of sociology, sport and society: a summary of the Norwegian Journal of Sociology’s special issue on Sport

Anne Tjønndal reviews the special issue of the Norwegian sociological journal on ‘Sport’ published on the occasion of ISSA’s 50th anniversary. In her meritorious presentation of the issue, Anne gives prominence to two articles that in different ways take ah holistic approach to the changing conditions of sport, health and physical activity in Norwegian society.

Religion and sport: New angles on an important area of research

Rebecca Alpert is Professor of religion, and in her new book Religion and Sports: An Introduction and Case Studies (Columbia University Press) Dagmar Dahl recognizes thoughts from her own studies of sport and religion. The many case studies in the book makes it suitable as textbook in sport studies as well as religious and social sciences.

Cross-country skiing as a team sport

At the World Championships in cross country skiing in Lathi, Finland, the 50K race was won by Canadian Alex Harvey, with a Russian in second place and a Finn in third. The apparent strategy of the Norwegian coach didn’t work, and in a blogpost Arve Hjelseth problematizes the decision to let one man, the non-sprinter Sundby, try and split the field. This is Jeremy Crump’s translation of Hjelseth’s post.

Leicester City!

In a blog post following the surprise Premier League victory by Leicester City FC, Arve Hjelseth presented an analysis of the unexpected triumph. Highlighting four principal explanatory factors, Hjelseth appears to have come very close to understanding the mechanisms of the Foxes’ win against the odds (which were in fact 5,000 to 1). This is Jeremy Crump’s translation of Hjelseth’s post.