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Call for Papers | “The Rise of International Sport on the Arab Peninsula: Politics, Art, Ethics” | 9th Gulf Research Meeting, University of Cambridge, UK, July 31-August 3, 2018. Call ends February 10, 2018

The accelerated rate of modernization on the Peninsula allows little room for error, and the vast wealth being invested in the infrastructure for art and sport on the Peninsula is sobering. The workshop will bring a critical perspective to the rise of regional and international sport on the Peninsula, as well as open lines of inquiry on this development among scholars from across the disciplines.

Call for Papers | “Reinforcing, Crossing, and Transcending Borders: Soccer in a Globalized World” | International conference, September 5–6 2017, Athens, Greece. Call ends May 20, 2017

Referred to as the global game and embodying many different aspects of globalization, soccer has increasingly become the focus of scholarly research, the topic of media inquiry and the subject of creative work looking to understand the sport from both a local and a global perspective.

Call for Papers | “Football and its shifting global powerbase” | Special issue of Sport, Business and Management. Call ends June 30, 2017

In line with the aims of Sport, Business and Management: An International Journal (SBM) this special issue aims to capture a coherent, high-quality body of work in sport, business and management. As such, the special issue welcomes a range of high-quality academic papers including conceptual and empirical, as well as case studies and critical analyses.

Call for Papers | 5th international conference on Sport, Race and Ethnicity | University of Brighton@Eastbourne, July 10–13 2016

Abstracts are invited – either for individual submissions or for complete panels (3/4 papers) – for papers that address aspects of race, ethnicity and migration in relation to all aspects of sport and physical culture. Theoretical or empirical presentations are welcomed, while contributions may draw on contemporary or historical perspectives.

Call for Papers | Soccer as a Global Phenomenon | Harvard University April 14–16 2016

We are seeking proposals from scholars at all stages of their academic career, including graduate students, who wish to present their original research on a variety of topics dealing with social, political, or economic aspects of different ecosystems of the world of soccer.

Forskarprofil | Annika Eliasson

Befattning FD, företagare (Annika Eliasson Academic E-learning) Adress Skiffervägen 102, 224 78 LUND 046-13 72 66 E-mail Forskningsinriktning Idrottens globalisering Nyligen avslutat projekt Svensk fotboll i ett transnationellt nätverk På idrottsforum.org European Cultures in…

Call for Papers: Conference on Sport and Society in Transnational Contexts, 5–6 June, 2015, ETH Zürich, Switzerland

Over the years, academics have widely discussed and written about the critical influence of sports on social formations. Although in most of the works sport has been situated in national/local contexts, the existing…

Call for participants: Sports, Globalization and Migration, PhD course, Aarhus University

Aarhus University (Denmark) welcomes Ph.D.-level researchers in the growing field of sports labour migration for a three-day seminar, presentation, and workshop series featuring leading experts Professor Joseph Maguire, Professor Alan Klein, and Professor Niko…

PhD seminar in Sports, Globalization and Migration, June 17-20, 2014 at Sandbjerg Estate. Application deadline May 6, 2014

This PhD seminar aims to gather PhD students and experts in the growing field of research in sports labour migration. The presenters have been pioneers for the development of the research field and…