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Annals of Leisure Research, Volume 20, 2017, Issue 5

Annals of Leisure Research publishes refereed articles which promote the development of research and scholarship in leisure studies. Annals is aimed at an international readership and seeks theoretical or applied articles which cover any topic within the broad area of leisure studies.

Call for Papers | “Mobilising Change: Creative and Critical Leisure Practices in the Post-Disciplinary Era” | Leisure Studies Association (LSA) Annual Conference July 10–13, 2018, University of Bath (UK). Call ends February 1, 2018

The conference seeks to mobilise critical and creative insights, relationships and collaborations between academics, and also with non-academic participants who have been involved in co-created research (artists, activists, policy makers and professionals).

Leisure Studies, Volume 36, 2017, Issue 6

Leisure Studies is the journal of the Leisure Studies Association. The emphasis of the journal is on theoretically informed critical analyses within the social sciences and humanities of the wide range of topics that constitute leisure as a subject field – including the arts, tourism, cultural, informal and virtual activities, urban and rural recreation, sport, media and physical activities.

Call for Papers | “Dance, Movement, and Leisure Cultures” | Special issue of Leisure Studies. Call ends December 31, 2018

Submissions should be theoretically and/or conceptually informed and engage with the myriad ways dance movement reflects and upholds value systems, but also how dance might shape and potentially disrupt and provoke such systems in the cultural spaces of leisure scholarship, leisure-based communities, and in popular culture.

Call for Papers | “Join the conversation on leisure cultures and wellbeing” | Special issue of Leisure Studies. Call ends June 30, 2018

This special issue aims to provide an interdisciplinary and world-wide opportunity for critical, theoretical, and methodological analyses concerned with leisure cultures and wellbeing. The issue seeks to make visible rigorous high quality social science research that build knowledge of the diverse relationships between leisure cultures and wellbeing.

Recreational Sports Journal, Vol. 41, 2017, Issue 2

Commentary Editor’s Corner Paul R. Milton Original Research Moderating Effects of Campus Recreation Participation in the Relationship Between Grade Point Average and First-Year Student Engagement: An Exploratory Study Rebecca Fallon Mayers, Austin W….

Call for Papers | “Leisure Cultures and Glocal Challenges to National Populist Politics” | Special issue of Leisure Studies. Call ends January 31, 2018

At a time when key global actors institute “alternative facts” as a way to further institute racism, classism, homophobia, patriarchy and sexism, ableism, and other forms of oppression, this special issue aims to highlight what critical understandings of leisure can do to challenge anti-intellectual, imperial pursuits.

Call for Papers | “Multispecies Leisure: Human-animal Interactions in Leisure Landscapes” | Special issue of Leisure Studies. Call ends September 30, 2018

This special issue aims to contribute towards a greater understanding of leisure as a complex, multispecies phenomenon. We welcome contributions from multidisciplinary and international perspectives that consider how understanding of (human) leisure experiences is enhanced through consideration of multispecies perspectives and environments.

Leisure Sciences, Volume 39, 2017, Issue 6

Leisure Sciences presents scientific inquiries into the study of leisure, recreation, parks, travel, and tourism from a social science perspective. Articles cover the social and psychological aspects of leisure, planning for leisure environments, leisure gerontology, travel and tourism behavior, leisure economics, and urban leisure delivery systems.

Leisure/Loisir, Volume 41, 2017, Issue 3

Leisure / Loisir strives to publish a diverse collection of scholarly papers in all areas of leisure, recreation, arts, parks, sport, and travel and tourism. Reflecting the multi- and interdisciplinary nature of these areas of study, the journal invites papers that use a wide range of perspectives and research methods.