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Public defence of doctoral thesis | Acute sports injuries and their possible prevention – an epidemiological study using insurance data | by Malin Åman, The Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences

This doctoral thesis examine acute sports injuries reported by licensed athletes of all ages and level of sports nationwide in Sweden. The main aim of the thesis was to identify high-risk sports for acute injuries, the most common and the most severe injuries, especially in large sports with numerous licensed athletes, many injuries, and injuries resulting in permanent medical impairment.

Public defence of doctoral thesis | Becoming-place: (Re)conceptualising friluftsliv in the Swedish physical education and health curriculum by Jonas Mikaels

This thesis aims to critically examine taken for granted assumptions underpinning friluftsliv and outdoor education as a learning area in the curriculum, and to explore the educational potential of a place-responsive pedagogy, in order to enable teachers to work within school-based friluftsliv in new and innovative ways.

Public defence of doctoral thesis | Identities and Images in Football: A case study of brands and the organisational settings in the development of Scandinavian women’s club football by Mattias Melkersson

On Friday, September 15, at 13:15, Mattias Melkersson will present and defend his dissertation, which investigates and analyses four Scandinavian women’s football clubs (Stabæk Football, Fortuna Hjørring, Linköpings FC and LdB FC Malmö) and the contextual conditions that influence their organisations.

Public defence of doctoral thesis | Sexual Relationships between Athletes and Coaches: Love, Sexual Consent, and Abuse by Susanne Johansson

Coach-athlete sexual relationships (CASR) and sexual harassment and abuse (SHA) in sport can profoundly impact athletes’ welfare and performance. Yet, it is often ignored due to sensitivity, secrecy, and lack of knowledge. This is the first thorough study of SHA in sport and legal, consensual, same-sex CASR in Sweden.

Gabriella Thorell disputerar | Framåt marsch! Ridlärarrollen från dåtid till samtid med perspektiv på framtid | Fredagen den 17 mars 2017

Syftet med denna avhandling är att identifiera och synliggöra uppfattningar om ridlärarrollen och dess historiska och samtida villkor som styr och påverkar denna roll. Ridlärarrollen har studerats från flera perspektiv med fokus på dåtid och samtid för att bringa mer kunskap och förståelse om dess funktion och konstruktion inför framtid.

Public defence of doctoral thesis | Talking talent: Narratives of youth sports selection by Magnus Kilger

The dissertation elucidates the discourse of selection and the process of selecting young sporting talents during final selection camps for youth national teams in football, hockey and floorball in Sweden. The aim is to analyze how talent selection is organizationally legitimized, how “selectability” is produced in interaction and how specific narratives are used in success stories.

En vandring längs välviljans väg – Niklas Hafen disputerar, fredagen den 16 december 2016

I avhandlingen, som fokuserar idrott och internationellt utvecklingsarbete, undersöker Niklas Hafen två skandinaviska hjälpinsatser där fotboll används som medel – för HIV/AIDS-bekämpning i Sydafrika och för att skapa politisk stabilitet i Moldavien – med hjälp av nyinstitutionell organisationsteori och genom etnografiskt inspirerade fältarbeten.

Public defence of doctoral thesis | Scientizing performance in endurance sports: The emergence of ‘rational training’ in cross-country skiing, 1930-1980 by Daniel Svensson

This thesis sets out to analyze the role that science has played in training during the 20th century. It is a history about the rationalization of training, but also about larger issues regarding the role of personal, experiential knowledge and scientific knowledge.

Expressiva dansuppdrag – Torun Mattsson disputerar, fredagen den 25 november 2016

Syftet med föreliggande avhandling är att belysa och diskutera lärares och elevers meningsskapande processer när expressiva dansuppdrag iscensätts i skolämnet idrott och hälsa. En utforskande undervisning i kombination med expressiva dansuppdrag kan utmana logiker av tävling och rangordning i ämnet idrott och hälsa.

Verena Lenneis forsvarer sin ph.d. afhandling på Center for Holdspil og Sundhed, Københavns Universitet, 14. november, kl 12:00

Verena Lenneis forsvarer sin PhD-afhandling The life, work and recreational physical activity of female cleaners på Institut for Idræt og Ernæring, Store Auditorium, Nørre Allé 53, 2200 Copenhagen.