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Call for Papers | “Critical Issues and Challenges in the Sport Industry of Growing Economies” | Special issue of International Journal of Sports Marketing & Sponsorship. Call ends August 15, 2017

This proposed special issue focuses on the sport industry in countries with a growing economy and sport industry that are located in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America. It intends to seek contributions that critically examine, debate, and shed light on broad perspectives of sport marketing, sponsorship, and/or business operations in the sport industry of growing economies.

Call for Papers | “Physical Education Teacher Education in a Global Policy Space” | Special issue of Asia-Pacific Journal of Health, Sport & Physical Education. Call ends May 27, 2017

This special issue seeks to focus attention on physical education teacher education by building the knowledge base and broadening the geographical, theoretical and innovative writing about physical education teacher education (PETE), PETE teacher educators, and those who shape and those who experience PETE (including the vision, structure, curriculum, pedagogies and assessment within PETE).

Call for Papers | “Theory and methods in sport policy and politics research” | Special issue of International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics, Call ends May 31, 2017

The purpose of this special issue is to advance debates, understanding and application of theory and methods in sport policy and politics research. Papers associated with any sport policy or politics topic are welcomed, so long as they lead and contribute to theoretical or methodological debates. Papers may be based on primary research which demonstrates the novel application of particular theories or methods.

Call for Papers | “Event Futures: innovation, creativity and collaboration​” | Special issue of the International Journal of Event and Festival Management. Call ends May 31, 2017

This special issue of IJEFM focusses on Event Futures. It offers a platform for discussion, debate and vision for the future of events. It is anticipated that the contributing articles will highlight current and future success in stakeholder management and in developing resilience in an ever changing political, economic, social, environmental and technological milieu.

Call for Papers | “Nature Sports” | Special issue of Annals of Leisure Research. Call ends May 31, 2017

This special issue seeks to explore, encourage discussion, and contribute to the study of nature sports as a global phenomenon. Nature sports comprise a group of sporting activities that are developed and experienced in natural or rural areas. They are performed in different natural contexts including air, land, and water.

Call for Papers | “Innovative Historical Work on Women and Physical Culture Practices” | Special issue of The International Journal of the History of Sport. Call ends July 1, 2017

This call for papers focuses on innovative historical work on women and physical culture practices. Since the 1970s, there has been an increase in research and scholarship devoted to the topic. The editors encourage the submission of papers on the theme of women and physical culture practices from a range of temporal, geographic, methodological and thematic perspectives.

Call for Papers | “Football and its shifting global powerbase” | Special issue of Sport, Business and Management. Call ends June 30, 2017

In line with the aims of Sport, Business and Management: An International Journal (SBM) this special issue aims to capture a coherent, high-quality body of work in sport, business and management. As such, the special issue welcomes a range of high-quality academic papers including conceptual and empirical, as well as case studies and critical analyses.

Call for Papers | “School Athletic Branding and Visual Identity” | Special issue of the Journal of Contemporary Athletics. Call ends May 12, 2017

This special issue is intended to provide a forum for the academic examination of higher education and high school institution brands. Every school has its own unique story to tell and by examining interscholastic and intercollegiate brands, readers are able to benefit from seeing the successes, failures, and unique attributes tied to each individual institution.

Call for Papers | “Use of Technology within the Practice of Applied Sport Psychology” | Special issue of Journal of Sport Psychology in Action (call ends 2017-09-15)

This special issue will be co-guest edited by Prof. Jack Watson and Dr. Ashley Cranney, and is anticipated to publish in August 2018, with initial drafts of articles due by September 15, 2017. With this goal in mind, this message serves as a call for authors to submit their articles on this topic.

Call for Papers | “Feminist Physical Cultural Studies” | Special issue of Leisure Sciences | Ends 2017-08-01

Drawing from literatures across leisure, media, sport, physical activity, health, tourism and pedagogy, we position the performativity of gender as a central concern for thinking through the entanglement of physical and digital cultures, the flows and techniques of power as well as resistant formations of identity and difference