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Call for Papers | The Australian and New Zealand Sports Law Journal. Call ends 29 September 2017

The 2016 Australian and New Zealand Sports Law Association (ANZSLA) Journal will be published in the coming months and submissions of articles are now invited for the 2017 ANZSLA Journal. he articles will be double blind peer refereed by two suitable persons, determined by the Editor, in consultation with the ANZSLA Journal Editorial Committee.

Call for Papers | “Fat and Physical Activity” | Special issue of Fat Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Body Weight and Society. Call ends December 2017

This special issue invites contributions across a range of disciplines and methodological and theoretical approaches within fat studies that pursue questions advancing knowledge about physical activity, fat, health and wellbeing.

Call for Papers | “The Uniqueness of the Sport Context” | Special Issue of the Journal of Global Sport Management. Call ends March 31, 2018

Manuscripts are currently being solicited for an upcoming special issue of the Journal of Global Sport Management. As the field of sport management has evolved, challenges have been raised concerning the uniqueness of sport management education content and research. Accordingly, this special issue welcomes submissions that highlight or even demonstrate the uniqueness of the sport context.

Call for Papers | “Bernard Suits’ Legacy: New Inspirations and Interpretations” | Special issue of Sport, Ethics, and Philosophy. Call ends October 30, 2017

Ten years after the death of Bernard Suits (1925-2007), the influence of his ideas on the philosophy of sport is still very strong. This special issue of Sport, Ethics, and Philosophy is dedicated to philosophical and moral questions related to Bernard Suit’s legacy. We welcome in particular papers dealing with new ideas and interpretations of Suits.

Call for Papers | “Athlete Activism and Sports Industry Social Responsibility” | Special issue of Journal of Legal Aspects of Sport. Call ends March 1, 2018

This JLAS issue aspires to elevate the discourse about social responsibility in sports by improving understanding of related legal and ethical rights and obligations. We welcome thoughtful articles that identify the legal and ethical tensions in this arena, and articulate principles and standards for protecting those rights and enforcing those obligations.

Call for Papers | “Communication and Soccer” | Special issue of International Journal of Sport Communication. Call ends 2018-04-15

Taking into consideration the expansion in regard to the ubiquitousness of soccer coverage worldwide, this call for papers seeks research which applies to “Communication and Soccer.” The goal of this special issue is to increase knowledge and understanding of the impact of communication as it pertains to what is widely known as “The Beautiful Game.”

Call for Papers | “Contemporary Issues in Social Media in Sport” | Special issue of International Journal of Sport Communication. Call ends 2018-01-15

With a goal of enhancing our understanding of social media in the context of sport, the specific aim of the special issue is to increase our knowledge of social media through conceptual, behavioral, empirical, and managerial work studying the role and impact of social media in sport from consumers, platforms, and organizations perspective.

Call for Papers | “The emergence of e-sports: Challenges and Opportunities” | Special issue of Sport, Ethics, and Philosophy. Call ends 2017-07-18

This special issue of Sport, Ethics, and Philosophy is dedicated to the main conceptual, philosophical, moral and legal questions that are being raised by the development of e-sports in the context of sport and physical education. We invite scholars to submit papers for this special issue.

Call for Papers | “Critical Issues and Challenges in the Sport Industry of Growing Economies” | Special issue of International Journal of Sports Marketing & Sponsorship. Call ends August 15, 2017

This proposed special issue focuses on the sport industry in countries with a growing economy and sport industry that are located in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America. It intends to seek contributions that critically examine, debate, and shed light on broad perspectives of sport marketing, sponsorship, and/or business operations in the sport industry of growing economies.

Call for Papers | “Physical Education Teacher Education in a Global Policy Space” | Special issue of Asia-Pacific Journal of Health, Sport & Physical Education. Call ends May 27, 2017

This special issue seeks to focus attention on physical education teacher education by building the knowledge base and broadening the geographical, theoretical and innovative writing about physical education teacher education (PETE), PETE teacher educators, and those who shape and those who experience PETE (including the vision, structure, curriculum, pedagogies and assessment within PETE).