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Call for Papers | “Sports Integrity: Ethics, Policy and Practice” | Special Issue of the Journal of Global Sport Management | Ends 2017-10-30

Integrity in the playing and management of sport is becoming one of the critical issues of our time. Actions that undermine the integrity of sport run the risk of undermining the business of sport and putting the jobs and economic value of a whole sector in jeopardy. Manuscripts are currently being solicited that identify the critical ethical issues that arise in the topic under discussion.

Call for Papers | Sport, History, Society / Idrott, historia & samhälle 2017 | Ends 2017-06-30

Sport, History, Society is a peer-reviewed, academic publication of sport history. The journal invites researchers to contribute for the 2017 edition. Of particular interest this year are articles on PE or school sports (in a wide sense) with an historical approach or perspective.

Call for Papers | Psychology and Sociocultural Aspects of Strength & Conditioning | Special Topic Half Issues of Strength and Conditioning Journal | Ends 2017-07-15

On behalf of Strength and Conditioning Journal (SCJ), we’re pleased to announce a call for papers for two special topics half issues. The topics of these two half special issues are “psychological aspects of S&C” and “sociological aspects of S&C.” Rather than an entire special issue devoted to either of these areas, SCJ will publish two half issues on psychology and sociology.

Call for Papers | “Arts and Sport Intersections” | Special issue of Sport in Society | Ends 2017-08-31

We are calling for contributions to a special issue of the journal dedicated to the work of our research network on the relationship between sport and the arts.

Call for Papers | “Coaching with Foucault: Problematizing Sports’ Disciplinary Logic to Re‐imagine Effective Coaching” | Special issue of Sports Coaching Review | Ends 2017-05-31

This special issue is intended to advance Foucauldian thinking as a practical way forward to increase coaches’ effectiveness and enhance athletes’ performances. we strongly believe that there is a need to illustrate within the field of coaching studies how Foucault’s body of work can be applied to coaches’ everyday practices.

Call for Cases | “Sport Finance” | Special Issue of Case Studies in Sport Management | Ends 2017-04-01

The aim of this special issue is to develop a library of teaching case studies appropriate for undergraduate and graduate courses in sport finance that can be used in case study pedagogy. We encourage submissions that involve professional and semiprofessional sports; collegiate athletics; equipment and apparel manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers; athletic organizations, etc.

Call for Papers | Christianity and Sport: Historical Perspectives | Special issue of The International Journal of the History of Sport

This call for abstracts focuses on new research associated with the historical relationship between sport and Christianity. There is growing scholarly interest in this topic, as evidenced by the recent inaugural global congress on sport and Christianity held at York St John University in the United Kingdom, where a conference strand was devoted to historical perspectives.

Call for papers | Equality and Diversity in the Professional Events Sector | Special issue of Journal of Policy Research in Tourism, Leisure and Events

White men dominate high profile events and industry publications. It is becoming increasingly evident via social media platforms that there is discomfort around the prominence of all male panels and conferences whether academic or corporate. Papers in this special issue will help to inform research and teaching to foster internationally-focused and socially responsible graduates.

Call for Papers | “Colin Kaepernick. Is He a Moral Entrepreneur? On the Role Athletes Play in the Public Sphere” | Special issue of Fair Play. Journal of Philosophy, Ethics and Sports Law | Ends 2017-04-30

Fair Play aims to publish a special issue around Colin Kaepernick’s act of protest that discusses some of the issues mentioned above. In doing so, the editors of such a special issue would like to invite all those who want to participate in the issue to submit a work related to the Kaepernick case.

Call for Papers | “Lifestyle Sports and East Asia” | Special issue of Journal of Sport and Social Issues

This special issue of the Journal of Sport and Social Issues asks: how are East Asian networks of lifestyle sport enthusiasts, workers, governing bodies, and associated communities-ecologies forming? What are the politics of the worlds, experiences, values, and imaginaries coming about (or being blocked)? How is such being negotiated by humans and non-humans?