Sports Scholar Profile | Verena Lenneis, University of Copenhagen

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  • Research assistant


  • Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports, Nørre Allé, DK-2200 Køvenhavn N
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Research  interest

  • Qualitative research; sociology of health, physical activity and sport (focus on gender, ethnicity and social class)

Ongoing research

  • The work, life and recreational physical activity of female cleaners
  • Health messages middle aged women and the pleasure of play
  • Gender constructions and negotiations of female football fans

Selected publications

  • Lenneis, V. & Pfister, G. (2017). Health messages, middle-aged women and the pleasure of play. Annals of Leisure Research20(1), 55-74.
  • Lenneis, V., & Pfister, G. (2017). When girls have no opportunities and women have neither time nor energy. The participation of Muslim female cleaners in recreational physical activity. Sport in Society. [epub ahead of print]
  • Pfister, G., With-Nielsen, N., & Lenneis, V. (2017). Health discourses, slimness ideals and attitudes to physical activities – perspectives of young women in Denmark. German Journal of Exercise and Sport Research. [epub ahead of print]
  • Lenneis, V., & Pfister, G. (2016). Too tired for exercise? The work and leisure of female cleaners in Denmark. Leisure Studies. [epub ahead of print]
  • Lenneis, V., & Pfister, G. (2016). Health, physical activity and the body: an inquiry into the lives of female migrant cleaners in Denmark. International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics, 8(4), 647-662.
  • Lenneis, V., & Pfister, G. (2016). Playing after work? Opportunities and challenges of a physical activity programme for female cleaners. International Sports Studies38(1), 5-23.
  • Pfister, G. U., & Lenneis, V. (2015). Ageing women still play games: (Auto)ethnographic research in a fitness intervention. In E. Tulle, & C. Phoenix (Eds.), Physical Activity and Sport in Later Life: Critical Perspectives. (pp. 149-160). Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Lenneis, V., & Pfister, G. (2015). Gender constructions and negotiations of female football fans. A case study in Denmark. EJSS. European Journal for Sport and Society12(2), 157-185.
  • Pfister, G., Lenneis, V., & Mintert, S. (2013). Female fans of men’s football – a case study in Denmark.Soccer & Society14(6), 850-871.
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