Sports Health: A Multidisciplinary Approach Vol. 6, No. 3, May, 2014

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Getting Back on the Field
Edward M. Wojtys

Sports Physical Therapy
Relationship of the Functional Movement Screen In-Line Lunge to Power, Speed, and Balance Measures
Erin H. Hartigan, Michael Lawrence, Brian M. Bisson, Erik Torgerson, and Ryan C. Knight

Changes in Landing Mechanics in Patients Following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction When Wearing an Extension Constraint Knee Brace
Robert J. Butler, Boyi Dai, William E. Garrett, and Robin M. Queen

Athletic Training
Influence of Stride Frequency and Length on Running Mechanics: A Systematic Review
Amy G. Schubert, Jenny Kempf, and Bryan C. Heiderscheit

Prevalence of Freestyle Biomechanical Errors in Elite Competitive Swimmers
Bonnie Virag, Elizabeth E. Hibberd, Sakiko Oyama, Darin A. Padua, and Joseph B. Myers

Primary Care
Febrile Illness in the Athlete
Natalie A. Dick and Jason J. Diehl

Return to Play After Infectious Mononucleosis
Jonathan A. Becker and Julie Anne Smith

Return to Play After Liver and Spleen Trauma
Rushad F. Juyia and Hamish A. Kerr

Orthopaedic Surgery
In-game Management of Common Joint Dislocations
Nathan W. Skelley, Jeremy J. McCormick, and Matthew V. Smith

Allografts in Soft Tissue Reconstructive Procedures: Important Considerations
Andrius Giedraitis, Steven P. Arnoczky, and Asheesh Bedi

Current Concepts of Articular Cartilage Restoration Techniques in the Knee
Christopher L. Camp, Michael J. Stuart, and Aaron J. Krych

Sideline Coverage: When to Get Radiographs? A Review of Clinical Decision Tools
Sara J. Gould, Dennis A. Cardone, John Munyak, Philipp J. Underwood, and Stephen A. Gould

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