SCHOLE: A Journal of Leisure Studies and Recreation Education Vol 28, No 1 (2013)

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Michael Mulvaney, John Pommier

Introduction to the Invited Special Issue
Together We Can: Integrated Curriculum Design in Recreation and Leisure Studies Education
Gwynn M. Powell, Corey W. Johnson, Denise Anderson, Karen Paisley

Conceptual and Theoretical Foundations for Integrated Curriculum Design
Overarching Goals, Values, and Assumptions of Integrated Curriculum Design
Denise M. Anderson

Together We Can Live and Learn: Living-Learning Communities as Integrated Curricular Experiences 
Merrily S. Dunn, Laura A. Dean

Continuum of Collaboration: Little Steps for Little Feet 
Gwynn M. Powell

Examples of Curriculum Integration
Three Course Connections: Integrated Event Design
Corey W. Johnson, Joseph A. Pate

Four Courses Within a Discipline: UGA Unified Core 
Gwynn M. Powell, Corey W. Johnson, Joy James, Rudy Dunlap

The University of Utah’s Integrated Core: A Case Study From a “Commuter Campus”
Karen Paisley, Callie Spencer, Mary Sarah Wells, Keri Schwab

The EDGE of Learning: Clemson University Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management Immersion Semester
Elizabeth D. Baldwin, Tracy L. Mainieri, Robert Brookover

Strategies for Implementation and Learning
Getting Started: Curriculum Exploration Process Introduction
Gwynn M. Powell

Intentional Language and the Power of Metaphor: Helping Students Build a Learning Community
Joseph A. Pate, Corey W. Johnson

Navigating the Role of Graduate Student on the Teaching Team: Life in the Incubator
Laurel P. Richmond, Mallory A. Anderson, Teresa W. Tucker, Gwynn M. Powell

Making It Better: Research, Assessment, and Recursive Learning Cycles
Robert Brookover, Danielle Timmerman

Reflections on Our Practice
They Know My Name: New Dynamic Role of Faculty
Francis A. McGuire, Teresa W. Tucker, Tracy L. Mainieri

With Their Permission: Skeptics, Resisters, and Supporters
Gwynn M. Powell, Joy James, Corey W. Johnson

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