Psychology of Sport and Exercise Vol. 14, Issue 1, January 2013

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pse300The “hot hand” reconsidered: A meta-analytic approach Review Article
Simcha Avugos, Jörn Köppen, Uwe Czienskowski, Markus Raab, Michael Bar-Eli

Exploring adversity and the potential for growth among elite female athletes
Katherine A. Tamminen, Nicholas L. Holt, Kacey C. Neely

Does domain-specific time perspective predict accelerometer assessed physical activity? An examination of ecological moderators
Peter A. Hall, Lynette Epp

To adjust or not adjust: Nonparametric effect sizes, confidence intervals, and real-world meaning
Andreas Ivarsson, Mark B. Andersen, Urban Johnson, Magnus Lindwall

Holding it together: Coping with vicarious trauma in sport
Melissa C. Day, Katherine Bond, Brett Smith

Toward a grounded theory of self-regulation in mixed martial arts
William V. Massey, Barbara B. Meyer, Adam H. Naylor

Systematic review of the effectiveness of interpersonal coach education interventions on athlete outcomes
Edel Langan, Catherine Blake, Chris Lonsdale

Attachment and well-being: The mediating effects of psychological needs satisfaction within the coach–athlete and parent–athlete relational contexts
Luke Felton, Sophia Jowett

Gaze behaviors and decision making accuracy of higher- and lower-level ice hockey referees
David J. Hancock, Diane M. Ste-Marie

How to achieve in elite training centers without burning out? An achievement goal theory perspective
Sandrine Isoard-Gautheur, Emma Guillet-Descas, Joan L. Duda

A potential inflating effect in estimation models: Cautionary evidence from comparing performance enhancing drug and herbal hormonal supplement use estimates
Ricky A. James, Tamás Nepusz, Declan P. Naughton, Andrea Petróczi

A qualitative examination of choking under pressure in team sport
Denise M. Hill, Gareth Shaw

Developing an instrument to measure physical activity related self-worth in women: Rasch analysis of the Women’s Physical Activity Self-Worth Inventory (WPASWI)
Jennifer Huberty, Jamie Vener, Yong Gao, Justin L. Matthews, Lynda Ransdell, Steriani Elavsky

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