Topic: Combat sports

The topical pages gather articles, book reviews and other material from about a particular topic of sport studies, such as ”action sports”, “sport history”, “gender, sex and sports” or “tennis”. The topical page contains links to published texts relevant to the topic in question.


Dahlén, Peter Svarta idrottsstjärnor och rasismens diskurs: Mohammad Ali, Michael Jordan och Mike Tyson i jämförande belysning (051019 [del 1]051102 [del 2]051116 [del 3])
Grene, Gudrun Tokle Se min kjole… En analyse av framstillingen av kvinnelig tøffhet og maskulinitet i norsk ukepresse (100310)
Kavoura, Anna, Tatiana V. Ryba, Marja Kokkonen Psychological Research on Martial Artists: A Critical View from a Cultural Praxis Framework (published in Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum Vol. 3, 2012)
Thomsen, Ragnhild Boksesporten runde for runde: En sammenligning av svensk og amerikansk radiosport (031111)

Book reviews

Being Sugar Ray: The Life of Sugar Ray Robinson, America’s Greatest Boxer and First Celebrity AthleteKenneth Shropshire Jackson, TN: Basic Civitas Books 2007 (Peter Dahlén 111214)
Blows to the Head: How Boxing Changed My Mind Binnie Klein Albany, NY: State University of New York Press 2010 (Birger Hedén 101103)
Boxing: A Concise History of the Sweet Science Gerald R. Gems Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield 2014 (Anne Tjønndal 150522)
Boxing: A Cultural History Kasia Boddy London: Reaktion Books 2009 (Wendy Varney 110309)
Boxing, Masculinity and Identity: The ‘I’ of the Tiger Kath Woodward Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge 2007 (Wendy Varney 080903)
Counterpunch: The Cultural Battles over Heavyweight Prizefighting in the American West Meg Frisbee Seattle: University of Washington Press 2016 (Anne Tjønndal 170131)
Fight Pictures: A History of Boxing and Early Cinema Dan Streible Berleley, CA: University of California Press 2008 (Peter Dahlén 110608)
Global Perspectives on Women in Combat Sports: Women Warriors around the World Alex Channon & Christopher R. Matthews (red) Basingstoke, Hamps.: Palgrave Macmillan 2015 (Anne Tjønndal 160624)
woodwardGlobalizing Boxing Kath Woodward London: Bloomsbury 2015 (Anne Tjønndal 160104)
The Great White Hopes: The Quest to Defeat Jack Johnson Graeme Kent Stroud, Gloucs: Sutton Publishing 2005 (Birger Hedén 070314)
Knockout: The Boxer and Boxing in American Cinema Leger Grindon Jackson, MS: University Press of Mississippi 2011 (Peter Dahlén 111214)
Martial Arts as Embodied Knowledge: Asian Traditions in a Transnational WorldD. S. Farrer & John Whalen-Bridge (red) Albany, NY: State University of New York Press 2011 (Anna Kavoura 120509)
Martial Arts: The step-by-step companion to the Martial Arts genre PTJ Rance London: Virgin Books 2005 (Anna Kavoura 121130)
Prizefighting: An American History Arne K. Lang Jefferson, NC: McFarland 2009 (Hans Bolling 100127)
Ringside: Den svenska professionella boxningens historia. Galor. Kommentarer. Resultat. Rekordlistor. Statistik. Christer Franzén Stockholm: CKM Media AB 2004 (Nils-Olof Zethrin 050208)
Striking Distance: Bruce Lee and the Dawn of Martial Arts in America Charles Russo Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska Press 2016 (Brian Burmeister 160907)
The Urban Geography of Boxing: Race, Class, and Gender in the Ring Benita Heiskanen Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge 2012 (Anne Tjønndal 160331)
When Boxing Was a Jewish Sport Allen Bodner Albany, NY: Excelsior Editions (Suny Press) 2011 (Birger Hedén 111214)
Writing the Prizefight: Pierce Egan’s Boxiana World David Snowdon Bern: Peter Lang Publishing Group 2013 (Birger Hedén 150104)



Miscellaneous Resocurces

Hedén, Birger Boxning i roman Svensk Idrottsforskning nr 2, 2005
Mitra, Payoshni  Challenging Stereotypes: The Case of Muslim Female Boxers in Bengal The International Journal of the History of Sport Vol. 26 Issue 12, 2009
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