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idrottsforum.org presenterar i varje uppdatering innehållet i det senaste numret av ett antal idrottsvetenskapliga tidskrifter. I förekommande fall länkar artikelrubriken till ett abstract. De tidskrifter vi följer finns tematiskt förtecknade på denna sida. Tipsa oss gärna om du tycker att vi missat någon tidskrift.
Each new update of idrottsforum.org presents the content of the latest issues of a number of sport studies and sport science journals. When available, article title links to abstract. All covered journals are listed on this page, by discpline. Please let us know if we’ve missed any relevant journals.

= nytt nummer i föreliggande uppdatering / new in this update.

European Journal of Sport Science
Vol 12 No 3 2012 (Routledge)

APPLIED SPORT SCIENCES Athlete assessments in orienteering: Differences in physiological variables between field and laboratory settings av Ben Rattray & Alan D. Roberts; BIOMECHANICS AND MOTOR CONTROL Differences in ball speed and accuracy of tennis groundstrokes between elite and high-performance players av Johannes Landlinger, Thomas Stöggl, Stefan Lindinger, Herbert Wagner & Erich Müller; PHYSIOLOGY AND NUTRITION The nitrate-nitrite-nitric oxide pathway: Its role in human exercise physiology av Stephen J. Bailey, Anni Vanhatalo, Paul G. Winyard & Andrew M. Jones; Respiratory and locomotor muscle blood-volume and oxygenation kinetics during intense intermittent exercise av Tom K. Tong, Hua Lin, Alison McConnell, Roger Eston, Jun Zheng & Jinlei Nie; Lack of association of the ACE genotype with the muscle strength response to resistance training av Paulo Gentil, Ricardo M. Lima, Rinaldo Wellerson Pereira, Julia Mourot, Tailce Kaley Leite & Martim Bottaro; Effect of creatine plus caffeine supplements on time to exhaustion during an incremental maximum exercise av Chia Lun Lee, Jung Charng Lin & Ching Feng Cheng; PSYCHOLOGY, SOCIAL SCIENCES AND HUMANITIES Justifying anti-doping: The fair opportunity principle and the biology of performance enhancement av Sigmund Loland & Hans Hoppeler; Exercise promotion: An integration of exercise self-identity, beliefs, intention, and behaviour av Gert-Jan de Bruijn & Bas van den Putte; SPORT AND EXERCISE MEDICINE AND HEALTH Population physical activity behaviour change: A review for the European College of Sport Science av Stuart J.H. Biddle, Walter Brehm, Marieke Verheijden & Marijke Hopman-Rock; Motor coordination, physical activity and fitness as predictors of longitudinal change in adiposity during childhood av VÍtor P Lopes, José A. R. Maia, Luis P Rodrigues & Robert Malina.

European Physical Education Review
Vol 18 No 1 2012 (Sage Publications)

Almost all start but who continue? A longitudinal study of youth participation in Swedish club sports av Britta Thedin Jakobsson, Suzanne Lundvall, Karin Redelius, & Lars-Magnus Engström • Prevalence of sedentary behaviour in young people in Romania and Slovakia av Istvan Soos, Stuart Biddle, Iuliana Boros-Balint, Iosif Sandor, Peter Szabo, Pal Hamar, & Jaromir Simonek • Mentoring in TGfU teaching: Mutual engagement of pre-service teachers, cooperating teachers and university supervisors av Lijuan Wang & Amy Ha • Progression in physical education teachers’ career-long professional learning: Conceptual and practical concerns av Kathleen Armour, Kyriaki Makopoulou, & Fiona Chambers • Effects of a group contingency strategy on middle school physical education students’ heart rates av Carla Vidoni, Liane Azevedo, & Andrew Eberline • A five-stage process for the development and validation of a systematic observation instrument: The system for observing the teaching of games in physical education (SOTG-PE) av Simon Roberts & Stuart Fairclough • The effect of teachers trained in a fundamental movement skills programme on children’s self-perceptions and motor competence av Gavin Breslin, Marie Murphy, David McKee, Brian Delaney, & Martin Dempster • Preservice teachers’ use of production and reproduction teaching styles within multi-activity and sport education units av Mitchum Parker & Mathew Curtner-Smith.

International Journal of Event and Festival Management
International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology
International Journal of Sport Finance
Vol 7 No 1 2012 (Fitness Information Tecnology)

Economic Impact Analysis Versus Cost Benefit Analysis: The Curious (and Spurious?) Relationship Between Intercollegiate Athletic Success and Tuition Rates av D. Randall Smith; The Estimated Rents of a Top-Flight Men’s College Hockey Player av Leo H. Kahane; The Bottom Line: Accounting for Revenues and Expenditures in Intercollegiate Athletics av Victor A. Matheson, Debra J. O’Connor & Joseph H. Herberger; Assessing the Efficiency of Local Entities in the Provision of Public Sports Facilities av Benardino Benito, José Solana & María-Rocío Moreno; Minority’s Salary Discrimination: Evidence from the Professional Baseball League in Taiwan av Wen Jane.

International Journal of Sport Psychology
Vol 43 No 1 2012 (Edizioni Luigi Pozzi)

Gender differences in Appraisal and Coping: An examination of the situational and dispositional hypothesis av Mariana Kaiseler, Remco C. J. Polman & Adam R. Nicholls; Experience in competitive youth sport and needs satisfaction: The Singapore Story av Koon Teck Koh, C. K. John Wang, Karl Erickson & Jean Côté; Coaches’ perceptions of their coach education experiences av Christine Nash & John Sproule; The effect of a strength training program on affect, mood, anxiety, and strength performance in older individuals av Silvano Zanuso, John C. Sieverdes, Nicholas Smith, Attilio Carraro & Marco Bergamin; Is sport still a masculine domain? A psychological glance av Corentin Clément-Guillotin, Aïna Chalabaev & Paul Fontayne.

International Review of Sport and Exercise Psychology
Vol 5 No 1 2012 (Routledge)

Editorial av Aidan Moran • Understanding the timing of motor imagery: recent findings and future directions av Aymeric Guillot, Nady Hoyek, Magali Louis & Christian Collet • A biocultural model of maturity-associated variance in adolescent physical activity av Sean P. Cumming, Lauren B. Sherar, Dominika M. Pindus, Manuel J. Coelho-e-Silva, Robert M. Malina & Paula R. Jardine • Music in the exercise domain: a review and synthesis (Part I) av Costas I. Karageorghis & David-Lee Priest • Music in the exercise domain: a review and synthesis (Part II) av Costas I. Karageorghis & David-Lee Priest.

Journal for the Study of Sports and Athletes in Education
Vol 6 No 1 2012 (Left Coast Press)
Understanding the Experiences of LGBT Sport Participants

A Multilevel Model for Understanding the Experiences of LGBT Sport Participants av George B. Cunningham • Troubling Sport or Troubled by Sport: Experiences of Transgender Athletes av Cathryn Lucas-Carr & Vikki Krane • When Identities Collide: Exploring Minority Stress and Resilience Among College Athletes with Multiple Marginalized Identities av E. Nicole Melton & George B. Cunningham • Athletes’ Perceptions of the Sport Climate for Athletes with Non-Gender/Congruent Gender Expressions and Non-heterosexual Sexual Orientations in Taiwan av Ya-Ting Shang & Diane L. Gill • Playing It Out: Female Intercollegiate Athletes’ Experiences in Revealing their Sexual Identities av Janet S. Fink, Laura J. Burton, Annemarie O. Farrell & Heidi M. Parker • The Declining Existence of Men’s Homophobia in British Sport av Anthony Bush, Eric Anderson & Sam Carr • Sexual Prejudice and Sport Media Coverage: Exploring an Ethical Framework for College Sport Journalists av Ellen J. Staurowsky • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Athletes in Sport • An Interview with Pat Griffin av Melanie L. Sartore-Baldwin.

Journal of Applied Sport Psychology
Vol 24 No 2 2012 (Routledge)

Athletic Identity and Conformity to Masculine Norms Among College Football Players av Matthew Steinfeldt & Jesse A. SteinfeldtInfluence of Retirement on Body Satisfaction and Weight Control Behaviors: Perceptions of Elite Rhythmic Gymnasts av Ashley E. Stirling, Lisanne C. Cruz & Gretchen A. Kerr • Examining the Relationship Between Mental Toughness and Imagery Use av Paige Mattie & Krista Munroe-Chandler • Team Attributions in Sport: A Meta-Analysis av Luc J. Martin & Albert V. Carron • A Parental Perspective on Adolescent Injury Rehabilitation and Return to Sport Experiences av Leslie Podlog, Jens Kleinert, James Dimmock, John Miller & Amber M. Shipherd • Parents’ Reflections on their Child's Experiences of Emotionally Abusive Coaching Practices av Gretchen A. Kerr & Ashley E. Stirling • Organizational Stress and Coping in U.S. Professional Soccer av Elsa Kristiansen, Daniel Murphy & Glyn C. Roberts • Temporal Aspects of Team Cognition: A Case Study on Concerns Sharing Within Basketball av Jérôme Bourbousson, Germain Poizat, Jacques Saury & Carole Sève.

Journal of Brand Strategy
Vol 1 No 1 2012 (Henry Stewart Publications)

Articles Rediscovering your brand's True North: Articulating brand identity using integrated marketing to compel change in internal culture and consumer communication av Victoria Lozano • The role social media plays in branded ecosystems av Neil Hudspeth • Re-imagining retail: Why store innovation is key to a brand’s growth in the ‘new normal’, digitally connected and transparent world av Chris Aubrey & David Judge • Bridging global and local marketing to extract the greatest value from that rare product launch av Alex Stojanovic & Robbert van der Meulen • The delicate art of re-branding: Retaining equity while creating a fresh face av Kristin Luck • Social brand planning av John Stauffer • Beyond satisfaction: Connecting with customers to maximise business performance av Gina Pingitore & Herb Williams-Dalgart • The potential of own label brands in agricultural markets av Shaked Gilboa • Special feature on sponsorship The rise and rise of athlete brand endorsements av Tim McGhee • The impact of professional athletes’ use of Twitter on current and potential sponsorship opportunities av Ann Pegoraro.

Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology
Vol 6 No 2 2012 (Human Kinetics)

Is Collegiate Athletic Participation a Protective Factor in Seasonality? av Craig Lodis, Bruce Hale, Sandra T. Sigmon, Amber Martinson, Julia Craner, Morgan McGillicuddy; Perfectionism and Athlete Burnout in Junior Elite Athletes: The Mediating Role of Motivation Regulations av Paul R. Appleton, Andrew P. Hill; The Relationship Between Organizational Stressors and Athlete Burnout in Soccer Players av Yusuke Tabei, David Fletcher, Kate Goodger; The Coach-Created Motivational Climate, Young Athletes' Well-Being, and Intentions to Continue Participation av Maria Sol Alvarez, Isabel Balaguer, Isabel Castillo, Joan L. Duda; Adaptation Processes Affecting Performance in Elite Sport av Robert J. Schinke, Randy C. Battochio, Ronnie Lidor, Gershon Tenenbaum, Timothy V. Dube, Andrew M. Lane.

Journal of Human Sport and Exercise
Vol 7 No 1 2012 (University of Alicante)

Sports Nutrition Structure validity of the Three-Factor Eating Questionnaire-R18 in Greek population av Eleni Kavazidou, Miltiadis Proios, Ioannis Liolios, George Doganis, Katerina Petrou, Agathoklis Tsatsoulis, Anna Fachantidou-Tsiligiroglou; Physical Education / Children & Exercise Building pre-service teachers’ identity: the value of dialogue within the classroom av Vicente Carrasco-Embuena, Maria José Hernández-Amorós; Dynamic exercise versus tag game warm up: The acute effect on agility and vertical jump in children av Diogo Henrique Constantino-Coledam, Ana Carolina Paludo, Arli Ramos de Oliveira, Júlio Wilson dos-Santos; The role of professional experience on the dimension of reflexivity in teaching: A case study of two secondary school Health and Physical Education teachers av Georges Kpazai, Kossivi Attiklemé; Exercise Physiology and Biochemistry Effect of training on anthropometric, physiological and biochemical variables of U-19 volleyball players av Indranil Manna, Gulshan Lal Khanna, Prakash Chandra Dhara; Sport Psychology/Motor Skill Validity, reliability and exploratory factor analysis of the dropout scale in sport centres av Alberto Nuviala, María Rosario Teva-Villen, Alberto Grao-Cruces, Raquel Pérez-Ordás, Jerónimo García-Fernández, Román Nuviala; Sports Science Performance assessment in elite football players: field level test versus spiroergometry av Holger Broich, Billy Sperlich, Sebastian Buitrago, Sebastian Mathes, Joachim Mester; Physical Activity for Health
Assessment of the level of muscular strength and volume in physically active English adults av Marta Leyton Román, Vicente Luis Del Campo, Jesús Morenas Martín, Alba Roldán Romero; Lifetime adherence to physical activity recommendations and fall occurrence in community-dwelling older adults: A retrospective cohort study av Rachel Lindsey Wright, Paul Robinson, Derek Peters; Differences of functional fitness in adults after 9 months of combined exercise training program av Mar Cepero, Daniel Romero-Sánchez, F. Javier Rojas-Ruiz, Juan Carlos de la Cruz-Márquez; Health-related physical condition variables in university students av Diego Alonso-Fernández, Águeda Gutiérrez-Sánchez, Margarita Pino-Juste.

Journal of Sport & Exercise Psycology
Vol 34 No 2 2012 (Human Kinetics)

Original Research Perfectionistic Profiles Among Elite Athletes and Differences in Their Motivational Orientations av Daniel F. Gucciardi, John Mahoney, Geoffrey Jalleh, Robert J. Donovan & Jarred Parkes; Assessing Coach Motivation: The Development of the Coach Motivation Questionnaire (CMQ) av Kristy N. McLean, Clifford J. Mallett & Peter Newcombe; Put Yourself in Their Boots: Effects of Empathy on Emotion and Aggression av Nicholas Stanger, Maria Kavussanu & Christopher Ring; Pregnancy—Should Women Put Up Their Feet or Lace Up Their Running Shoes?: Self-Presentation and the Exercise Stereotype Phenomenon During Pregnancy av Anca Gaston, Anita Grace Cramp & Harry Prapavessis; Three Generalizability Studies of the Components of Perceived Coach Support av Tim Rees, Paul Freeman, Steve Bell & Ross Bunney; Research Notes Virtual and Live Social Facilitation While Exergaming: Competitiveness Moderates Exercise Intensity av Amanda L. Snyder, Cay Anderson-Hanley & Paul J. Arciero; Autonomous Regulation Mode Moderates the Effect of Actual Physical Activity on Affective States: An Ambulant Assessment Approach to the Role of Self-Determination av Martina Kanning, Ulrich Ebner-Priemer & Ralf Brand.

Journal of Sport & Social Issues
Journal of Sport History
Vol 38 No 2 2011 (The North American Society for Sport History)

European Sport Historiography: Challenges and Opportunities av Christopher Young, Anke Hilbrenner & Alan Tomlinson; Austrian Sport and the Challenges of Its Recent Historiography av Matthias Marschik; Italian Sport and the Challenges of Its Recent Historiography av Simon Martin; Spanish Sport and the Challenges of Its Recent Historiography av Andrew McFarland; The Contribution of Sport to the Nordic Third Way av Niels Kayser Nielsen & John Bale; Doped Professional and Clean Amateurs: Amaterism’s Influence on the Modern Philosophy of Anti-Doping av John Gleaves; “A Blond, Broad-shouldered Athlete with Bright Grey-blue Eyes”: German Propaganda and Gotthardt Handrick’s Victory in Modern Pentathlon at the Nazis’ Olympics in 1936 av Sandra Heck.

Journal of Sport History
Vol 38 No 3 2011 (The North American Society for Sport History)

Polish Sport and the Challenges of Its Recent Historiography av Britta Lenz; Russian Sport and the Challenges of Its Recent Historiography av Ekaterina Emeliantseva; Sport in the Czech and Slovak Republics and the Former Czechoslovakia and the Challenges of Its Recent Historiography av Stefan Zwicker; Yugoslavian Sport and the Challenges of Its Recent Historiography av Stefan Rohdewald; Mapping Sport History and the History of Sport in Europe av Mark Dyreson; Reading the Funeral Rite: A Cultural Analysis of the Funeral Ceremonials and Burial of Selected Leading Sportsmen in Victorian England, 1864-1888 av Mike Huggins; “I Never Was a Champion at Anything”: Theodore Roosevelt’s Complex and Contradictory Record As America’s “Sports President” av Ryan A. Swanson; Fuzzy Memories: College Mascots and the Struggle to Find Appropriate Legacies of the Civil War av Megan L. Bever.

Journal of Sports Economics
Vol 13 No 3 2012 (Sage Publications)

Articles The NBA Draft: A Put Option Analogy av Barbara Arel & Michael J. Tomas, III; Television Broadcast Demand in Markets Without Local Teams av Scott Tainsky & Chad D. McEvoy; Mistaking Style for Substance: Investor Exuberance in the 2008 Indian Premier League Auction av Vani K. Borooah & John Mangan; The Carryover Effect Does Not Influence Football Results av Dries R. Goossens & Frits C.R. Spieksma; Research Notes Nash Conjectures and Talent Supply in Sports League Modeling: A Comment on Current Modeling Disagreements av Jason Winfree & Rodney Fort; Upsets av Evan Osborne.

Journal of Sports Economics
Vol 30 No 9 2012 (Sage Publications)

The influence of exercise-induced fatigue on cognitive function av Robert D. Moore, Mathew W. Romine, Patrick J. O'connor & Phillip D. Tomporowski; Effects of hyperoxia during recovery from 5×30-s bouts of maximal-intensity exercise av Billy Sperlich, Christoph Zinner, Malte Krueger, Jennifer Wegrzyk, Silvia Achtzehn & Hans-Christer Holmberg; Is there a low-back cost to hip-centric exercise? Quantifying the lumbar spine joint compression and shear forces during movements used to overload the hips av David M. Frost, Tyson Beach, Chad Fenwick, Jack Callaghan & Stuart McGill; Interpersonal coordination tendencies shape 1-vs-1 sub-phase performance outcomes in youth soccer av Ricardo Duarte, Duarte Araújo, Keith Davids, Bruno Travassos, Vítor Gazimba & Jaime Sampaio; Validity and reliability of tests determining performance-related components of wheelchair basketball av Sonja De Groot, Inge J.M. Balvers, Sanne M. Kouwenhoven & Thomas W.J. Janssen; Effects of competition level on the centre forward role of men's water polo av Corrado Lupo, Carlo Minganti, Cristina Cortis, Fabrizio Perroni, Laura Capranica & Antonio Tessitore; A comparison of time-motion performance between age groups in judo matches av Bianca Miarka, Valéria Leme Gonçalves Panissa, Ursula Ferreira Julio, Fabrício Boscolo Del Vecchio, Michel Calmet & Emerson Franchini; Mixed-method pre-cooling reduces physiological demand without improving performance of medium-fast bowling in the heat av Geoffrey M. Minett, Rob Duffield, Aaron Kellett & Marc Portus; Stressors experienced by injured athletes av Lynne Evans, Ross Wadey, Sheldon Hanton & Ian Mitchell; Effects of replica running shoes upon external forces and muscle activity during running av Ana Paula Da Silva Azevedo, Kátia Brandina, Roberto Bianco, Vitor Henrique De Oliveira, Juliana Roque De Souza, Bruno Mezencio, Alberto Carlos Amadio & Júlio Cerca Serrão; Quantifying Elbow Extension and Elbow Hyperextension in Cricket Bowling: A case study of Jenny Gunn av Mark A. King & MAURICE R. Yeadon; The BASES Expert Statement on Exercise and Cancer Survivorship av Anna Campbell, Clare Stevinson & Helen Crank; The BASES Expert Statement on use of music in exercise av Costas I. Karageorghis, Peter C. Terry, Andrew M. Lane, Daniel T. Bishop & David-lee Priest.

Journal of Teaching in Physical Education
Vol 31 No 2 2012 (Human Kinetics)

Articles Changing School Physical Activity: An Examination of Individual School Designed Programs av Pamela Hodges Kulinna, Timothy A. Brusseau, Donetta Cothran & Catrine Tudor-Locke; The Effects of Prompts and a Group- Oriented Contingency on Out-of-School Physical Activity in Elementary School-Aged Students av Peter A. Hastie, Hans van der Mars, Todd Layne & Danielle Wadsworth; Children’s Recess Physical Activity: Movement Patterns and Preferences av Amelia Mays Woods, Kim C. Graber & David Newman Daum; Impact of Wellness Legislation on Comprehensive School Health Programs av Kim C. Graber, Amelia Mays Woods & Jamie A. O'Connor; Coping Against Weight-Related Teasing among Adolescents Perceived to be Overweight or Obese in Urban Physical Education av Weidong Li, Paul Bernard Rukavina & Paul Wright; Research Note An Analysis of State Physical Education Policies av Thomas Baker, Phillip D. Tomporowski, Thomas J. Templin, Karen Lux & Tiffany Isaac.

Leisure Studies
Vol 31 No 2 2012 (Routledge)

Editorial av Scott Fleming, John Horne & Beccy Watson; Papers Auto-ethnography in leisure studies av Leon Anderson & Mathew Austin; Around the boundary: alcohol and older Caribbean-Canadian men av Janelle Joseph; From Riot Grrrls to roller derby? Exploring the relations between gender, music and sport av Adele Pavlidis; Multiculturalism and young people’s leisure spaces in Finland: perspectives of multicultural youth av Päivi Marjatta Harinen, Marja Veronika Honkasalo, Jussi Kasperi Ronkainen & Leena Elisa Suurpää; ‘Can we play on the swings and roundabouts?’: creating inclusive play spaces for disabled young people and their families av Ruth Jeanes & Jonathan Magee; Shared parent–child leisure time in four countries av Lyn Craig & Killian Mullan; Couple involvement in serious leisure: examining participation in dog agility av Wendy Z. Hultsman.

Managing Leisure
Vol 17 No 2–3 2012 (Routledge)
TEMA: The Management of Excellence in Sport

Editorial The management of excellence in sport av Simon Shibli; Original Articles Any given Saturday: competitive balance in elite English rugby union av Peter Williams; Managing excellence in USA Major League Soccer: an analysis of the relationship between player performance and salary av Sangkwon Lee & John Harris; The relationships between trust, mental skills, and satisfaction among athletes: a study of a gambling-legal bicycle racing business in South Korea av Kae-Sung Moon, Yong Jae Ko, Daniel P. Connaughton & Jeoung Hak Lee; Understanding the competitive advantage of National Olympic Committees av Leigh Robinson & Brian Minikin; Same ambitions – different tracks: a comparative perspective on Nordic elite sport av Svein S. Andersen & Lars Tore Ronglan; Exploring new models of elite sport delivery: the case of triathlon in the USA and Australia av Brianna Newland & Pamm Kellett; Comparing the practices of USA Rugby against a global model for integrated development of mass and high performance sport av Mark Carney, Peter Smolianov & Dwight H. Zakus; Targeted investments in elite sport funding: wiser, more innovative and strategic? av Michael Sam; Is it profitable to represent the country? Evidence on the sport-related income of funded top-level athletes in Germany av Pamela Wicker, Christoph Breuer & Tassilo von Hanau; Volunteer selection and social, human and political capital: a case study of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games av Juan Zhuang & Vassil Girginov; India's performance in the Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games – expected or otherwise? av Girish Ramchandani & Darryl Wilson; A forecast of the performance of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in the London 2012 Olympic Games av Simon Shibli, Chris Gratton & Jerry Bingham.

Measurement in Physical Education and Exercise Science
Vol 16 No 2 2012 (Routledge)

Psychometric Issues in Organizational Stressor Research: A Review and Implications for Sport Psychology av Rachel Arnold & David Fletcher; Confirmatory Analysis of the Athletic Team Merchandise Model av Donghun Lee & Galen T. Trail; Exercising with Passion: Initial Validation of the Passion Scale in Exercise av Irini S. Parastatidou, Georgios Doganis, Yannis Theodorakis & Symeon P. Vlachopoulos; Determining Intensity Levels of Selected Wii Fit Activities in College Aged Individuals av Joshua D. Grieser, Yong Gao, Lynda Ransdell & Shawn Simonson; Linear Acceleration Measurement Utilizing Inter-Instrument Synchronization: A Comparison between Accelerometers and Motion-Based Tracking Approaches av Andrew J. Callaway & Jon E. Cobb.

Vol XX 2011 (International Center for Olympic Studies, University of Western Ontario)

Ringleader: Olympic Athletes who Donned, Inked, and Embodied the Olympic Logo in the Cold War av Jordan Koch & Douglas Brown • Charting the Charter: An Analysis of Eligibility Rules and the Olympic Games av Sarah Teetzel • A Moral Justification for a More Inclusive Olympic Program av Douglas McLaughlin & Cesar R. Torres • The 1932 Olympic Games in Los Angeles: A New Beginning in the French and German Press Representation of the Former Enemy? av Sandra Heck & Thierry Terret • Book ReviewsJournal Article Reviews. (Äldre årgångar av Olympika finns tillgängliga kostnadsfritt från LA84 Foundation.)

Psychology of Sport and Exercise
Vol 13 No 4 2012 (Elsevier)

Highlighted articles Self-regulated learning in physical education: Examining the effects of emulative and self-control practice av Athanasios Kolovelonis, Marios Goudas, Maria Hassandra & Irini Dermitzaki; Effects of three training types on vitality among older adults: A self-determination theory perspective av Paul A. Solberg, Will G. Hopkins, Yngvar Ommundsen & Hallgeir Halvari; “Get it out the way. The wait's killing me.” hastening and hiding during soccer penalty kicks av Philip Furley, Matt Dicks, Fabian Stendtke & Daniel Memmert; Relationship between biological markers and psychological states in elite basketball players across a competitive season av Claudio Robazza, Sabina Gallina, Maria Angela D'Amico, Pascal Izzicupo, Adriana Bascelli, Alessia Di Fonso, Claudio Mazzaufo, Andrea Capobianco & Angela Di Baldassarre; Sport Psychology Athletes’ ease of imaging predicts their imagery and observational learning use av Sarah E. Williams & Jennifer Cumming; The social environment and developmental experiences in elite youth soccer av Ian M. Taylor & Mark W. Bruner; Contextual and individual influences on antisocial behaviour and psychobiosocial states of youth soccer players av Laura Bortoli, Giovanni Messina, Maurizio Zorba & Claudio Robazza; Effects of anxiety, a cognitive secondary task, and expertise on gaze behavior and performance in a far aiming task av Nicky Nibbeling, Raôul R.D. Oudejans & Hein A.M. Daanen; Exploring the retirement from sport decision-making process based on the transtheoretical model av Sunghee Park & David Tod, David Lavallee;
Influence of perceived and preferred coach feedback on youth athletes' perceptions of team motivational climate av Jonathan Stein, Gordon A. Bloom & Catherine M. Sabiston; Goal orientations, perceived motivational climate, and motivational outcomes in football: A comparison between training and competition contexts av Pepijn K.C. van de Pol, Maria Kavussanu & Christopher Ring; Exercise Psychology Fitness correlates of obligatory versus health motives for exercise: An examination of men in the military av Jennifer N. Wilson, Charlotte N. Markey & Patrick M. Markey; When working hard and working out go hand in hand: Generality between undergraduates' academic- and exercise-related self-regulatory efficacy beliefs av Ben Jackson & James A. Dimmock; Role and group identity and adjustment to the possibility of running group disbandment av Shaelyn M. Strachan, Chris A. Shields, Ainsley Glassford & Jenna Beatty; Sport participation and stress among women and men av Melinda Asztalos, Katrien Wijndaele, Ilse De Bourdeaudhuij, Renaat Philippaerts, Lynn Matton, Nathalie Duvigneaud, Martine Thomis, Johan Lefevre & Greet Cardon; The effect of exercise absence on affect and body dissatisfaction as moderated by obligatory exercise beliefs and eating disordered beliefs and behaviors av Marie L. LePage, Matthew Price, Patrick O’Neil & Janis H. Crowther.

Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and Health
Vol 4 No 1 2012 (Routledge)

‘Against the grain’: over 75 years and joining a community exercise programme av Bevan GrantExercise, service and support: client experiences of physical activity referral schemes (PARS) av Don Vinson & Andrew ParkerExploring news media representations of women’s exercise and subjectivity through critical discourse analysis av Kerry R. McGannon & John C. SpenceHead-mounted cameras and stimulated recall in qualitative sport research av Susan Houge Mackenzie & John H. KerrScrapbook interviewing and children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder av William James Harvey, Shawn Wilkinson, Cindy Pressé, Ridha Joober & Natalie GrizenkoTowards a conceptual understanding of acute cultural adaptation: a preliminary examination of ACA in female swimming av Tatiana V. Ryba, Saara Haapanen, Shwiko Mosek & Kwok NgBody image and the female swimmer: muscularity but in moderation av Karen Howells & Sarah GroganNarratives of despair and loss: pain, injury and masculinity in the sport of mixed martial arts av Dale C. SpencerConceptualising commitment: a thematic analysis of fans of Welsh rugby av Gareth Hall, David Shearer, Rob Thomson, Gareth Roderique-Davies, Peter Mayer & Ross HallExploring training adherence in elite school-age athletes av Amanda Way, Marc V. Jones & Matthew J. Slater.

Recreational Sports Journal
Vol 36 No 1 2012 (Human Kinetics)

A Comparison of Constraints to Participation in Intramural Sports Between International and Noninternational Students av Robbie Shifman, Katelyn Moss, Giselle D’Andrade, Jessica Eichel & Scott Forrester • The Benefits and Satisfaction of Participating in Campus Recreational Sports Facilities and Programs Among Male and Female African American Students: A Pilot Study av Robert R. Lindsey • Examining Intrinsic Motivations in Campus Intramural Sports av Nelson Cooper, Phillip A. Schuett & Heather M. Phillips • Planning for an Inclusive Campus Recreation Facility and Program av Katheryne Staeger-Wilson, Cynthia Barnett, Susie Mahoney & Douglas H. Sampson • A Lawsuit in the Waiting: Special Relationships Within Campus Recreation? av Matthew Katz & Chad Seifried • University Student Interestand Use of Personal Training Services av Kathleen G. Scholl, Kristina Leen, Devyn Alexander, Rachel Pike & Luke Johansen.

Sport&EU Review

• Vol 1 No 1 2009
Perceived opportunities, gender, urbanization and leisure-time physical activity. A European study av Charlotte Van Tuyckom.
• Vol 2 No 1 2010
Access denied: The new ‘Sports for all’ - programme in Sweden and the reinforcement of the ‘Sports performance’ logic av Josef Fahlén och Staffan Karp.
• Vol 2 No 2 2010
Sport Lobbying in the European Union: an empirical analysis av Efthalia (Elia) Chatzigianni.
• Vol 3 No 1 2011
Integrating Betting in the Governance of Sport: Financial Opportunities and Ethical Challenges av Jean-Patrick Villeneuve och Madalina Diaconu.
• Vol 3 No 2 2011
Third-party ownership & UEFA’s FFPR: a Premier League handicap av Ariel N. Reck och Daniel Geey.
• Vol 4 No 1 29012
Danish Ultras: Risk or Non-Risk? by Jonas Havelund, Lise Joern and Kristian Rasmussen.

Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology
Vol 1 No 1 2012 (American Psychological Association)

About Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology av Jeffrey J. Martin; Climate change in the dance studio: Findings from the UK centres for advanced training av Sanna M. Nordin-Bates, Eleanor Quested, Imogen J. Walker & Emma Redding; Mental skills for musicians: Managing music performance anxiety and enhancing performance av Sophie L. Hoffman & Stephanie J. Hanrahan; Dispositional perfectionism and well-being: A test of the 2 x 2 model of perfectionism in the sport domain av Patrick Gaudreau & Jérémie Verner-Filion; Youth perceptions of a caring climate, emotional regulation, and psychological well-being av Mary D. Fry, Marta Guivernau, Mi-sook Kim, Maria Newton, Lori A. Gano–Overway & T. Michelle Magyar; Profile of masculine norms and help-seeking stigma in college football av Jesse A. Steinfeldt & Matthew Clint Steinfeldt.

Sport Marketing Quarterly
Vol 21 No 1 2012 (Fitness Information Technology)

Sport Participant Attitudes Toward Ambush Marketing: An Exploratory Study of ING New York City Marathon Runners av Steve McKelvey, Dennis Sandler & Kevin Snyder; Consumers from Emerging Markets: Perceptions and Attitudes Toward Global Sporting Brands av Chiyoung Kim & Bob Heere; Understanding the League Sport Participation Experience Utilizing the Critical Incident Technique av Brody J. Ruihley & T. Christopher Greenwell; The Role of Mega-Sports Event Interest in Sponsorship and Ambush Marketing Attitudes av Eric MacIntosh, John Nadeau, Benoit Seguin, Norm O’Reilly, Cheri L. Bradish & David Legg; Departments A Note from the SMA President av Eric Schwarz; Sport Marketing and the Law Time Out! Federal Court Decision Clarifies Ownership of Broadcast Rights in High School Sports Events av Barbara Osborne & Paul J. Batista; Case Study Creating a Sonic Identity for the University of Houston av Khalid Ballouli & Gregg Bennett.

Sports Health: A Multidisciplinary Approach
Vol 4 No 3 2012 (American Psychological Association)

Editorial Rising Star av Edward M. Wojtys; Sports Physical Therapy Tendinopathy in Sport av Paul W. Ackermann and Per Renström; Athletic Training Knowledge of and Compliance With Pitch Count Recommendations: A Survey of Youth Baseball Coaches av Joseph J. Fazarale, Robert A. Magnussen, Angela D. Pedroza & Christopher C. Kaeding; The Effects of Exercise on Decreasing Pain and Increasing Function in Patients With Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome: A Systematic Review av Jamie L. Frye, Lindsay N. Ramey och Joseph M. Hart; Primary Care Jet Lag in Athletes av Aaron Lee and Juan Carlos Galvez; Incidence, Nature, and Causes of Fractures and Dislocations in Olympic Styles of Wrestling in Iran: A 1-Year Prospective Study av Ramin Kordi, Behzad Heidarpour, Masih Shafiei, Mohsen Rostami och Mohammad Ali Mansournia; Accuracy of Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Knee in the Community Setting av Jolene C. Hardy, Gregory T. Evangelista, William A. Grana & Robert E. Hunter; Splenic Lacerations and Return to Play: Case Report of 2 Professional Hockey Players av Matthew L. Silvis, Michael J. Plakke, Joshua G. Tice & Kevin P. Black; Orthopaedic Surgery Rowing Injuries av Timothy M. Hosea & Jo A. Hannafin; Epidemiology of Injuries and Prevention Strategies in Competitive Swimmers av Florian Wanivenhaus, Alice J. S. Fox, Salma Chaudhury & Scott A. Rodeo; Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy in the Sports Knee: Where Are We in 2011? av Lee Yee Han Dave, John Nyland, Paul B. McKee & David N. M. Caborn; Emergency Department Usage and Medical Care Needs of Adolescent Participants in a High-Intensity Wrestling Camp av Marissa A. Hendrickson, Ronald M. Furnival, Bruce J. Anderson, Anne M. Renaker, Philippe R. Gaillard & Mark G. Roback; Imaging Sports Health Orthopaedic Magnetic Resonance Imaging Challenge: Shoulder Pain From a Fall While Surfing av John P. Begly, Aaron T. Wild, Juan Garzon-Muvdi, John A. Carrino, and Edward G. McFarland.

The Sport Psychologist
Vol 26 No 1 2012 (Human Kinetics)

Applied Research Assessing Mental Skill and Technique Use in Applied Interventions: Recognizing and Minimizing Threats to the Psychometric Properties of the TOPS av Charlotte Woodcock, Joan L. Duda, Jennifer Cumming, Lee-Ann Sharp & Mark J.G. Holland • NCAA Division-I Administrators' Perceptions of the Benefits of Sport Psychology Services and Possible Roles for a Consultant av Craig Wrisberg, Jenny Lind Withycombe, Duncan Simpson, Lauren A. Loberg & Ann Reed • Canadian Curling Coaches' Use of Psychological Skills Training av Kyle J. Paquette & Philip Sullivan • Collegiate Basketball Players' Experiences of Being Coached During a Turnaround Season av Andrea J. Becker • Emotions in Team Contact Sports: A Systematic Review av Mickaël Campo, Stephen Mellalieu, Claude Ferrand, Guillaume Martinent & Elisabeth Rosnet • A Phenomenological Investigation of Gymnasts' Lived Experience of Imagery av Phillip G. Post, Craig A. Wrisberg • The Relation of Coaching Context and Coach Education to Coaching Efficacy and Perceived Leadership Behaviors in Youth Sport av Philip Sullivan, Kyle J. Paquette, Nicholas L. Holt & Gordon A. Bloom • Professional Practice Female Athletes' Perceptions of Teammate Conflict in Sport: Implications for Sport Psychology Consultants av Nicholas L. Holt, Camilla J. Knight & Peter Zukiwski.

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