Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology Volume 35, Issue 1, February 2012

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jsep300From the Editor

From the Editor — February 2013
Robert C. Eklund

Original Research

Observing Physical Education Teachers’ Need-Supportive Interactions in Classroom Settings
Leen Haerens, Nathalie Aelterman, Lynn Van den Berghe, Jotie De Meyer, Bart Soenens, Maarten Vansteenkiste

Perfectionism and Burnout in Junior Soccer Players: A Test of the 2 x 2 Model of Dispositional Perfectionism
Andrew P. Hill

A Conditional Process Model of Children’s Behavioral Engagement and Behavioral Disaffection in Sport Based on Self-Determination Theory
Thomas Curran, Andrew P. Hill, Christopher P. Niemiec

Influence of Red Jersey Color on Physical Parameters in Combat Sports
Dennis Dreiskaemper, Bernd Strauss, Norbert Hagemann, Dirk Büsch

Activation of Self-Focus and Self-Presentation Traits Under Private, Mixed, and Public Pressure
Katharina Geukes, Christopher Mesagno, Stephanie J. Hanrahan, Michael Kellmann

Layered Stimulus Response Training Improves Motor Imagery Ability and Movement Execution
Sarah E. Williams, Sam J. Cooley, Jennifer Cumming

Students’ Tripartite Efficacy Beliefs in High School Physical Education: Within- and Cross-Domain Relations With Motivational Processes and Leisure-Time Physical Activity
Ben Jackson, Peter R. Whipp, K.L. Peter Chua, James A. Dimmock, Martin S. Hagger

The Influence of a Motivational Climate Intervention on Participants’ Salivary Cortisol and Psychological Responses
Candace M. Hogue, Mary D. Fry, Andrew C. Fry, Sarah D. Pressman

Neural Bases for Anticipation Skill in Soccer: An fMRI Study
Daniel T. Bishop, Michael J. Wright, Robin C. Jackson, Bruce Abernethy

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