Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance Volume 86, Issue 4, March 2015

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joperd-dsDepartments: Editorial
Where Are the Female Coaches?
Shawn Ladda
pages 3-4

Departments: Viewpoint
Being Prepared to Teach and Coach Students with Diabetes
David G. Lorenzi & Ronald Trenney
pages 5-6

Maximizing Learning through Assessment in Middle and High School Physical Education
K. Michael Kniffin & Helena Baert
pages 7-16

Using Integration and Autonomy to Teach an Elementary Running Unit
J. Brandon Sluder & Candice Howard-Shaughnessy
pages 17-23

Putting Partnerships on Paper: Creating Service Engagement Opportunities in Kinesiology and Recreation
Jennifer L. VanSickle & Nathan A. Schaumleffel
pages 24-33

Strategies for Creating a Caring Learning Climate in Physical Education
Weidong Li
pages 34-41

10 Ways to Improve Instructor Effectiveness in an Undergraduate Exercise Physiology Course
John Acquaviva
pages 42-45

Innovative Ways to Use Modern Technology to Enhance, Rather than Hinder, Physical Activity among Youth
Nicole J. Martin, Evan J. Ameluxen-Coleman & Derikk M. Heinrichs
pages 46-53

Departments: Law Review
Gross Negligence, Inherent Risks, Assumption of Risks: Using Waivers to Protect Fitness Clubs – Editor: Thomas H. Sawyer
John J. Miller
pages 54-56

Departments: Teaching Tips
Increasing Transition Opportunities for Youth with Disabilities: Steps to Follow in Program Selection – Editor: Ferman Konukman
Amaury Samalot-Rivera, Adolfo López-Alemán & Vilmarie Volmar
pages 57-59

Departments: Research Works
Can a multi-modal training program help to improve physical activity, physical performance, and perceived physical ability in obese children? – Editor: Vicki Ebbeck
Ryan Schmid
page 60

Departments: Issues
What are key strategies/approaches to prevent using physical activity as punishment in teaching and/or coaching?
pages 61-63

Departments: Erratum
Correction to: Introducing the Core Arts Dance Standards: Identifying Possibilities for Integration and Reciprocity with Physical Education
page 63

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