Features in English

Alsiö, Martin Swedish Football’s 10 Biggest Mistakes (150916)
Biron, Dean The ‘new football’ should stop engaging in ‘old soccer’ debates (Conversation piece 151203)
Brackenridge, Celia The World Village of Women Sports. Whose Vision? – A Letter to the Editor (100606)
Camps Y Wilant, Natalia, Min Ge, Marit Nybelius Report from the 15th ISHPES congress 2014 at Qatar University in Doha, Qatar (conference report 141204)
Chadwick, Simon Why sticking with your manager is better for football clubs in the long-run (Conversation piece, 151105)
Christiansen, Ask Vest Swedes in trouble! (comment on WADA 111123)
Diefendorf, Sarah What happens to men who stay abstinent until marriage? (Conversation piece 151010)
Eichberg, Henning Play with words, play with numbers: About academic games (170110)
Ericsson, Ingegerd Conference report: Thinking Outside the Box (conference report 070829)
Ingegerd Ericsson Key issues in childhood physical activity science (conference report 121212)
Hedenborg, Susanna & Aage Radmann Women’s Sport in Africa – a Resource for Hope? (conference report 110330)
Hedenborg, Susanna & Aage Radmann NASSS Conference: “Sport in place”, New Orleans, LA, 2012 (conference report 130109)
Hedlund, Mårten Response to Celia Brackenridge: ”The World Village of Women Sports is committed to gender equality” (response 100901)
Hitchens, Peta Improving safety in horse racing: it’s all in the data (Conversation piece 151014)
Hjelseth, Arve Leicester City! (160509)
Holden, Russell & Paul Gilchrist Conference Report: PSA Sport and Politics Specialist Group, Gregynog 2007 (conference report 070912)
Hopkins, Will G Effects Went Away at the 2013 Annual Meeting of the European College of Sport Science in Barcelona (conference report 140109)
Kappes, Andreas Why improving your own performance isn’t always good for the team (Conversation piece, 151209)
Knez, Kelly & Torun Mattsson Putting gender back on the agenda: women in sport pedagogy (conference report 160714)
MacLean, Malcolm Opening up a space for social justice and sport & leisure activism (conference report 130929)
Mattsson, Torun Conference report: IAPESGW 17th World Congress, Havana, Cuba (conference report, 130503)
McDowell, Matthew L. Conference Report: “Soccer as the Beautiful Game: Football’s Artistry, Identity and Politics” (feature 140514)
Mitchell, Siobhan & Sean Cumming Ballet training could learn a thing or two from football and rugby (feature 160403)
Netto, Kevin Should women athletes earn the same as men? The science says they work as hard (Conversation piece 160417)
Nordin, Sanna Mixed Quality Research in a Beautiful Setting: A brief report on the International Society of Sport Psychology’s 11th World Congress of Sport Psychology in Sydney, August 2005 (conference report 051102)
Nordin, Sanna “Helping Dancers to Dance Healthier, Stronger and Longer”: A brief report on the International Association for Dance Medicine and Science 15th Annual Conference in Stockholm, November 2005 (conference report 051116)
Nybelius, Marit & Christof Thöny Report from the International Society for the History of Physical Education and Sport (ISHPES) Congress, August 18–22, 2013 (conference report 131018)
Owton, Helen Paralympians makes waves on the world stage but disability reform is badly needed (Conversation piece 151028)
Pavlidis, Adele How Chinese roller derby is empowering women (Conversation piece 160502)
Rowe, David On scandal after scandal, sports journalists drop the ball (130326)
Rowe, David Beckham and Ferguson: A Tale of Two Masculinities (130524)
Rowe, David Mixing politics and play: Russian protests and sporting boycotts (130827)
Rowe, David The case for a home-grown coach in a global sports market (131025)
Salasuo, Mikko, Mikko Piispa & Helena Huhta Exceptional Life Courses: Elite Athletes and Successful Artists in 2000s Finland (160525)
Sharan, Patrick A lethal sport? Why horse racing will never be a completely safe bet (Conversation piece 160409)
Tamburrini, Claudio The Right to Celebrate (column 060606)
Varney, Wendy Cinematic Salutation. A review of Salute: The True Story of an Unsung Australian Hero (080903)
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