Call for Papers | “School Athletic Branding and Visual Identity” | Special issue of the Journal of Contemporary Athletics. Call ends May 12, 2017

This special issue is intended to provide a forum for the academic examination of higher education and high school institution brands. Every school has its own unique story to tell and by examining interscholastic and intercollegiate brands, readers are able to benefit from seeing the successes, failures, and unique attributes tied to each individual institution.

Save the Date | Nordisk idrottsvetenskaplig konferens | 22–23 november 2017, Högskolan Halmstad

Call for Papers | Gender Discourses, Heroes, Sport Nationalisms, and Scandals: The Public Perception of Soccer in the 19th and 20th Centuries. Call ends April 15, 2017

Modern soccer developed in 19th century Britain, but became one of the globally most popular sports in the 20th century, especially since it provided a politically and economically extraordinary impact. These positions were controversially discussed in the press, especially the last FIFA scandals, related to the World Cups in Russia (2018) and Qatar (2022).

Call for Papers | “The Role of Social Work Practice, Advocacy, and Research in Athletics” | 3rd Annual Social Work in Sports Symposium, October 17–18, Dallas, Texas. Call ends 2017-05-05

Promoting the healthy development of athletes benefits the athlete, team, athletic program, and athletic organization as a whole. As advocates, clinicians, case managers, researchers, and agents of change, social workers are uniquely positioned to positively impact the lives of vulnerable athletes and their immediate environment.

Call for Papers | Human-Animal Interactions in Tourism, Events, Leisure Spaces | Critical Tourism Studies Conference, Palma de Mallorca, 25–29 June, 2017. Call ends 2017-03-31

Humans and non-human animals now play a supportive role in each other’s lives, contributing significantly towards mutual wellbeing not only in work, but also in tourism, events, and leisure arenas. This panel seeks to address this gap in knowledge by inviting research which develops greater understanding of human-animal interactions and relations in tourism, events and leisure spaces.

Call for Papers | “Use of Technology within the Practice of Applied Sport Psychology” | Special issue of Journal of Sport Psychology in Action (call ends 2017-09-15)

This special issue will be co-guest edited by Prof. Jack Watson and Dr. Ashley Cranney, and is anticipated to publish in August 2018, with initial drafts of articles due by September 15, 2017. With this goal in mind, this message serves as a call for authors to submit their articles on this topic.

Call for Papers | “Leisure as an agent for social change” | The 2017 ANZALS conference, 4-7 December 2017 (call ends 2017-05-31)

This is the first call for papers for the 2017 ANZALS conference to be held in Hobart, on Australia’s scenic southern island, from 4-7 December 2017. The conference promises to deliver an outstanding academic and social program. The ANZALS 2017 theme is “Leisure as an agent for social change”. The Organising Committee welcomes papers, via a number of sub-themes.

Gabriella Thorell disputerar | Framåt marsch! Ridlärarrollen från dåtid till samtid med perspektiv på framtid | Fredagen den 17 mars 2017

Syftet med denna avhandling är att identifiera och synliggöra uppfattningar om ridlärarrollen och dess historiska och samtida villkor som styr och påverkar denna roll. Ridlärarrollen har studerats från flera perspektiv med fokus på dåtid och samtid för att bringa mer kunskap och förståelse om dess funktion och konstruktion inför framtid.

Call for Papers | “‘Sport Open’: Managing Integration, Migration and Multiculturalism in Sport” | Workshop at the EASM 2017 Conference, 5–8 September, in Bern (call ends 2017-04-20)

The workshop will highlight issues and subjects related to integration, migration and multiculturalism. In this matter, sport is expected to play a significant part in relation to migration, culture and integration. Consequently, the proposed theme of the workshop is related to the present European situation, with a considerable amount of immigrants and refuges.

Public defence of doctoral thesis | Talking talent: Narratives of youth sports selection by Magnus Kilger

The dissertation elucidates the discourse of selection and the process of selecting young sporting talents during final selection camps for youth national teams in football, hockey and floorball in Sweden. The aim is to analyze how talent selection is organizationally legitimized, how “selectability” is produced in interaction and how specific narratives are used in success stories.