Call for Papers | “Sports Organizations and Organizing Sports: Critical Reflections” | International Sociology of Sport Association (ISSA) Annual Conference, June 5–8, 2018, Lausanne, Switzerland. Call ends December 1, 2017

The aim of the main theme of this annual conference will be to address how the social sciences and sports organizations influence each other. This will be achieved by, on the one hand, considering how social science research is integrated into sports organizations, on the other hand, examining how sports organizations impact the social sciences.

Call for Papers | Forty-Sixth Annual Convention of the North American Society for Sport History (NASSH) | University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, May 25–28, 2018. Call ends January 5, 2018

Since the founding of the he North American Society for Sport History (NASSH) in 1972, its members have met at our annual convention to share research findings, to explore theoretical insights, and to honor excellence in our field. NASSH welcomes scholars from all academic disciplines, all countries, graduate students, and those who work outside universities.

Call for Papers | International Football History Conference | City Football Academy, Manchester City Football Club, June 7–8, 2018. Call ends December 30, 2017

This is a call for papers to be presented at the second International Football History conference. There will be an opportunity to present on any topic relating to the history of football. We are particularly keen to include papers focusing on football’s origins, race, discrimination, identity, the World Cup (and football’s mega events.

Call for Papers | “Dance, Movement, and Leisure Cultures” | Special issue of Leisure Studies. Call ends December 31, 2018

Submissions should be theoretically and/or conceptually informed and engage with the myriad ways dance movement reflects and upholds value systems, but also how dance might shape and potentially disrupt and provoke such systems in the cultural spaces of leisure scholarship, leisure-based communities, and in popular culture.

Call for Submissions | Sport, Film and National Culture Collection | Call ends December 22, 2017

The anthology Sport, Film and National Culture will be the first major single volume collection to survey the significance and interaction of these three prominent cultural forces internationally, through in-depth case-studies of the historical and contemporaneous relationship between sport, film and national culture; interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary perspectives are welcome.

Seminar | Idrett, okkupasjon og motstand | Norges idrettshøgskole, 20. november, 2017

Vi har gleden av å informere om et kommende seminar, 20. november 2017, om idrett, okkupasjon og motstand. Det tar utgangspunkt i den nylig utkomne boken: Matti Goksøyr og Finn Olstad: Skjebnekamp. Norsk idrett under okkupasjonen 1940-1945, og drøfter flere perspektiver på motstand som alle berøres i boken.

Call for Papers | “Commemorating the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico in the Global Context” | Global Conference on Sport for Social Change, The University of Georgia, April 3–4, 2018. Call ends January 28, 2018

To commemorate the brave and powerful silent protest of the 1968 Games that ultimately sparked a global and domestic wake-up call on civil and human rights, please join us at the first annual Global Conference on Sport for Social Change (GCSSC) to reflect on the progress, roadblocks, and the ongoing struggle towards equity and social justice since the 1968 Games.

Call for Papers | The Politics of the Canoe: Activism and Resistance | Winnipeg, MB, June 8–10, 2018. Call ends December 15, 2017

We are seeking contributions to a workshop that will examine the political life of the canoe in all of its diverse forms. While much critical scholarship on the canoe has offered a critique of its hegemonic position, we also hope to highlight how the canoe has been used to resist and redraw relationships of power.

Call for Papers | Changing the rules of the game? An interdisciplinary symposium examining the relationship between sport and media | Loughborough University, May 16–17, 2018. Call ends January 19, 2018

This event seeks to take stock of current developments in the field of sport and media and critically assess new theoretical and methodological approaches. Of particular interest will be current debates around mediatization in understanding contemporary trends in the domain of sport. We welcome papers from post-graduate as well as established researchers.

Call for Papers | European Congress of Adapted Physical Activity 2018 | University of Worcester Arena, July 3–5, 2018. Call ends January 31, 2018

The conference is organised in three themes: Day 1 – Adapted Physical Activity & Sport; Day 2 – Inclusive Physical Education; and Day 3 – Health and rehabilitation. Abstracts should address these themes. The conference organisers will strive to schedule oral, poster and practical workshop presentations to reflect the theme of the day.